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Chartership news


Bill Gaskarth, Accreditation Officer, writes: The Pan European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee (PERC) has produced a Europe-centric and Europe-based Standard for reporting that is directly responsive to European requirements.  This Standard was specifically recognised by ESMA (European Securities and markets Authority) in 2011.  The Euro-centric Standard is important because it is directly responsive to European requirements.  When ESMA produces modifications in reporting rules to recognise particular requirements of a minerals sector then the PEC Standard can respond immediately.

PERC can now announce that its Standard has now been recognised for use in reporting to the Australian Stock Exchange (AMX).  The PERC Standard is a member of the worldwide international family of reporting Standards and stands alongside Standards such as JORC (Australia), SAMREC (South Africa) and those of Canada, USA, Chile and others.

Chartered Geologist (CGeol), along with a suitable length of experience is recognised as an accepted professional qualification for the reporting of reserves and resources as a Competent Person by the various Stock Exchanges.

Accreditation of Company Training Schemes

The training scheme of Card Geotechnics Ltd is presently in the final stages of review and will probably have been accredited by the time this note is published.  Fugro Group Hong Kong has now applied for their training scheme to be accredited and is now under review.  They will look to have it adopted by other Fugro offices worldwide once accredited.  Several other companies have expressed intent to submit their schemes for accreditation to add to the group of nine presently accredited (Hong Kong Government CEDD (GEO), Atkins, Gammon (HK), Jacobs (HK), Arup, URS, RPS Enrergy, RSK, CH2MHill)