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Glossop Evening 2015


Ian Duncan (Chair, Engineering Group) and David Manning (President, Geological Society) introduced this year’s Glossop Evening at Burlington House on November 4 writes Ted Nield.

The Glossop Lecture ‘Control the Drainage – the gospel accorded to sinkholes’  was delivered by Tony Waltham, who received the Glossop Medal from Silas Slack, Rudolph Glossop’s grandson.  The Glossop Award was received (in absentia) by Yung Loo (Arup). Ted Nield

Captions: Tony Waltham (left) delivers the Glossop Lecture.  Ian Duncan (below, right), former Award winner and EGGS Chair, opens proceedings. Dabid Manning (below, left) welcomes the attendees.  Bottom: Tony Waltham (Nottingham Trent) receives the Glossop Medal from Silas Slack, grandson of Roderick Glossop.