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Core transfer begins

BGS Gilmerton Core Store

The controversial transfer of UKCS cores and samples from Gilmerton (Edinburgh) to Keyworth will begin in the middle of next month (March 2011).

Geoscientist Online 28 February 2011

BGS says that the cores will be transferred “essentially in the order that they were originally received at Gilmerton and the previous UKCS core stores”, and monthly transfer schedules are being posted at The transfer is expected to be completed in about 18 months.

Dr Mike Howe, Chief Curator at BGS, told Geoscientist Online: “Sets of samples from individual wells were sometimes received several years apart”. This meant, he warned users, that “the inclusion of a well in a transfer list does not mean that all the material from that well will be transferred at the same time. “

New BGS store at Keyworth BGS say they are keen to assist visitors, and to help them view as much as possible (and ideally all) of the material that they wish to see at one or other of the core stores. During the transfer period, visitors intending to use cores and samples currently housed at Gilmerton should check to see whether any of the cores or samples are scheduled for transport in the near future. BGS says it will consider holding back material at Gilmerton until their visit, or to prioritise the transfer of nominated material to Keyworth, if that would be more convenient.

Cores commonly used for student training will be held back at Gilmerton until the end of the core and sample transfer. The Gilmerton core store will continue to welcome visits from university groups until the core transfer is complete. At that time a new Scottish Hydrocarbons Teaching Collection facility will open at Murchison House. Further details are available on the BGS website.
  • To discuss arrangements for viewing UKCS hydrocarbon cores, please contact Graham Tulloch, Gilmerton Core Store Manager: T +44 (0)131 664 7330 F: +44 (0)131 664 8394 E: [email protected]