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Jenny Davey has the month’s hottest titles from Geological Society Publishing!


Special Publication 420: Magmatic Rifting and Active Volcanism Edited by T.J. Wright, A. Ayele, D.J. Ferguson, T. Kidane and C. Vye-Brown  List price: £ 120  |  Fellow's price: £ 60  |  Other societies price: £ 72

This Special Publication presents the latest findings on magmatic rifting and active volcanism, spanning the initiation of rifting through to seafloor spreading. The contributions have a particular focus on the East African Rift, and include new results from the international Afar Rift Consortium, case studies and review articles from leading scientists in the field.  Find out more at

Special Publication 431: Transform Margins: Development, Controls and Petroleum Systems Edited by M. Nemčok, S. Rybár, S.T. Sinha, S.A. Hermeston and L. Ledvényiová List price: £ 120  Fellow's price: £ 60  |  Other societies price: £ 72

The volume reviews current knowledge of transform margins and addresses fundamental questions for future research. Furthermore, the articles look at principal factors that influence the dynamics, kinematics and thermal regimes of continental break-up at transform margins and cover geophysics (bathymetry, seismic, gravity and magnetic studies), structural geology, sedimentology, geochemistry, plate reconstruction and thermo-mechanical numerical modelling.  Find out more


Recent Online First publishing highlights include:

Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology: Effect of electrode configuration on electrokinetic stabilization of soft clays by Taylan Askin and Dilek Turer

Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis: Application of classical statistics and multifractals to delineate Au mineralization-related geochemical anomalies from stream sediment data: a case study in Xinghai-Zeku, Qinghai, China by Xin Chen, Youye Zheng, Rongke Xu, Huimin Wang, Xiaojia Jiang, Hongze Yan, Pengjie Cai, and Xianzheng Guo

Journal of the Geological Society: Internal structure and emplacement mechanism of composite plutons: evidence from Mt Kinabalu, Borneo by Alex Burton-Johnson, Colin G. Macpherson, and Robert Hall

Petroleum Geoscience: Seismic imaging of Late Miocene (Messinian) evaporites from Western Mediterranean back-arc basins by M. Dal Cin, A. Del Ben, A. Mocnik, F. Accaino, R. Geletti, N. Wardell, F. Zgur, and A. Camerlenghi

And… Introduction to the thematic set: Exploring the Mediterranean – new concepts related to the Messinian salt by Juan I. Soto and Gabor Tari