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Friends reunited

Royal Society

2010 sees the 350th birthday of the Royal Society, and the Geological Society is helping to plan the party. 

Geoscientist online 4 December 2008

As part of the celebrations, the Royal Society’s annual Summer Science Exhibition will be enhanced, expanding to a nine day festival developed in collaboration with the South Bank Centre. This will include a focus on the natural history of the South Bank, which is being developed with The Geological Society's help. Ideas so far include walking tours, public lectures and an exhibition. Like the rest of the festival, the aim is to engage the public by presenting science in an original and relevant way.

‘Our 350th anniversary…presents us with a challenge’, says Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society, ‘to energise the relationship between science and society throughout 2010 and beyond’. The festival will be open to all, and hopes to break down perceived barriers between the arts and sciences by bringing in performers and artists for debates, broadcasts and plenty of audience participation. There will also be an opportunity for visitors to meet the scientists and engineers at the cutting edge of the UK’s research activities and to explore their work through exhibitions.
In addition to the exhibition, highlights of the festival will include: 

Events and activities for young people and families
Talks, debates and performances for general audiences
Large-scale displays on the pavements and walkways surrounding the Royal Festival Hall
Exhibits exploring the links between science and art
Scientific conferences
A ceremonial event to mark the Society’s 350th anniversary 

For more information, visit the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary website at