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Lyell Meeting 2012

Big Palaeontology

From ancient human occupants of Britain to the diversity of corals, large scale projects are playing an increasingly important role in palaeontological research. Projects like these can involve huge multidisciplinary teams from lots of institutions, bringing with them logistical challenges, as well as outreach and training opportunities.

Held at the Geological society on 29 March 2012, this meeting showcased some of the science which is being undertaken in these projects. Including key contributions from junior researchers, participants discussed issues of funding, logistics and outreach activities surrounding these large-scale projects.

Keynote speakers

Chris Stringer - Ancient Human Occupation of Britain
Peter Bijl, Utrecht University
Ken Johnson - EU Indonesian Throughflow project
Bridget Wade - Tanzanian Drilling Project
Wolfgang Kiessling - PBDB – coral biodiversity
Paul Upchurch - PBDB – Cretaceous vertebrate biodiversity
Mark Sutton - Imaging and Virtual Palaeontology
Richard Twitchett - Co-evolution of Life and the Planet
Richard Edmonds - Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site


The Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site

Richard Edmonds (Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site)

Latitudinal Variation in Cretaceous Vertebrate Biodiversity

Paul Upchurch (University College London)

Tanzanian Drilling Project

Bridget Wade (University of Leeds)


Drs Jeremy Young (UCL) and Tom Dunkley Jones (University of Birmingham)

The Lyell Meeting is an annual event organised by The Micropalaeontological Society , The Palaeontological Association, The Palaeontographical Society and the Geological Society.

Lyell Meeting 2012

Event details

Date: 29 March 2012
Venue: The Geological Society, London


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