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Earth Model Award
for Best MSc / MSci / MGeol Project

With continued support from the Geological Society of London, the prestigious Earth Model Award returns for 2019. The award aims to foster the link between industry and academia by rewarding excellence in Master’s level research relevant to natural resource exploration.

The purpose of the award is to stimulate research relevant to global geoscience. This is an opportunity to present your research to a panel of industry and academic professionals and for you and your department to gain recognition for your work. 

The Award

The Earth Model Award was established in 2012, in affiliation with the Geological Society of London, to foster the link between industry and academia by rewarding excellence in Master’s level research. The 2019 competition will be open to all international geoscience masters students. The competition is looking for 'big picture’ research in a wide range of geoscience subjects, particularly if there is a relevance to natural resource exploration

  • 1st prize $2,500
  • 2nd prize $1,500
  • 3rd prize $1,000

For both student and university department
for both student and university department

The Earth Model Award is now open for applications, all applications must be received by 5pm 31 October 2019.

2018 Winners

  • 1st Prize: Aasmund Lovestad (University of Bergen)
    Mudstone-rich Fluvial Systems as Reservoirs: The Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation, Eastern Utah
  • 2nd Prize: James Lovell Kennedy (University of Manchester)
    Assessing the Provenance and Contribution of Local vs Regional Drainage Systems for the Upper Triassic Fluvial Deposits, High Atlas, Morocco
  • 3rd Prize: Landon Lockhart (University of Texas)
    Pore Pressure Prediction: from Vertical Stress to Mean Stress to the Full Stress Tensor

2017 Winners

  • 1st Prize: Kieran Kraus (Imperial College London)
    Quantitative Interpretation of Frequency Decomposition Blends Using Seismic Forward Modelling: A Case Study on Thebe Gas Discovery, Offshore NW Australia.
  • 2nd Prize: Laura Ward (University of Leicester)
    Magnetite as an indicator mineral for magmatic sulphide mineralisation: a case study from Munali, Zambia.
  • 3rd Prize: Joe Killen (Royal Holloway, University of London)
    Regional assessment of lithological variations within the Eagle Ford Shale, Gulf of Mexico, implications for unconventional reservoirs

2016 Winners

  • 1st Prize: James Hamilton-Wright (Imperial College London)
    Investigating the controls of salt movement using finite element modelling. Supervised by Prof. Howard Johnson
  • 2nd Prize: Daniela Vendettuoli (Royal Holloway University of London)
    What is the depositional and architectural signature of turbidity current activity? New insights from the most extensive dataset yet recorded. Supervised by Dr. Dave Waltham
  • 3rd Prize: Huw Richards (Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter)
    Cu–Ag–Au mineralisation of the Agdz Project: characterisation and ore deposit models. Supervised by Dr. Robin Shail

2015 Winners

  • 1st place: Anna Barth (Cambridge University)
    Gas migration through crystal mushes: implications for the dynamics of persistently degassing volcanoes
  • 2nd place: Harry Fisher (Imperial College London) 
    Chlorite chemistry as a vectoring tool in mineral exploration: application to the propylitic alteration zone of the Lagalochan porphyry Cu-Au-Mo prospect, Argyll, Scotland 
  • 3rd place: Hannah Jones (Royal Holloway London)
    Prospectivity of the Abenaki carbonate platform and upper slope, offshore Nova Scotia 

2014 Winners

  • 1st Prize: Rhys Shea (University College London)
    “ Effect of Buoyant Flat-Slab Subduction on Surface Plate Kinematics: The Nazca - South American Case Study”
    Read an interview with the prizewinner
  • 2nd Prize: Lucy Tweed (University of Cambridge)
    “ Minor elements of Icelandic olivines: Source or process controlled?”
  • 3rd Prize: Catherine Caulfield (University of Aberdeen)
    “ The Geological History and Prospectivity of the Lincoln Prospect, West of Shetland.”
    Read an interview with the prizewinner

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  • The competition is now open will close on 31st October 2019 at 5pm GMT


  • 1st Prize - $2,500 (USD)

  • 2nd Prize - $1,500 (USD)

  • 3rd Prize - $1,000 (USD)