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Cretaceous Oceanic Red Beds: Stratigraphy, Composition, Origins, and Paleoceanographic and Paleoclimatic Significance

Product Code: ES491
Series: SEPM Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by Xiumian Hu, Chengshan Wang, Robert W. Scott, Michael Wagreich, and Luba Jansa
Publication Date: 01 September 2009
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Cretaceous Oceanic Red Beds Stratigraphy Composition Origins and Paleoceanographic and Paleoclimatic Significance

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781565761353
Publisher: SEPM
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 276
Weight: 1.20 kg


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Photos from the first two workshops of the IGCP 463 in 2002 and the IGCP 463 and 494 in 2006


Cretaceous oceanic red beds: stratigraphy, composition, origins, and paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic significance, Robert W. Scott, Xiumian Hu, Chengshan Wang, Michael Wagreich, and Luba Jansa


Overview of Cretaceous oceanic red beds (CORBs): A window on global ocean and climate change, Chengshan Wang, Xiumian Hu, Yongjiang Huang, Robert W. Scott, and Michael Wagreich

Chronostratigraphic database for Upper Cretaceous oceanic red beds (CORBs), Robert W. Scott

Cretaceous pelagic black shales and red beds of the North Atlantic: origins, paleoclimate and paleoceanographic implications, Luba Jansa and Xiumian Hu

Cretaceous oceanic red beds (CORBs) in the Austrian Eastern Alps: passive margin vs. active-margin depositional settings, Michael Wagreich, Stefanie Neuhuber, Hans Egger, Ines Wendler, Robert Scott, Ewa Malata, and Diethard Sanders

CORBs in the Tethys and New Zealand

Stratigraphic constraints for climate control of Lower Cretaceous oceanic red beds in the Northern Calcareous Alps (Austria),
Michael Wagreich

Cretaceous oceanic red beds in the outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic, Petr Skupien, Miroslav Bubik, Lilian Svabenicka, Radek Mikulas, Zdenek Vaskkek, and Dalibor Matysek

Eastern Carpathians Cretaceous oceanic red beds: lithofacies, biostratigraphy, and paleoenvironmient, Mihaela Melinte-Dobrinescu, Dan C. Jipa, Titus Brustur, and Stefan Szobotka

A continuous Cretaceous-Paleocene red bed section in the Romanian Carpathians, Ana-Voica Bojar, Mihaela Carmen Melinte-Dobrinescu, and Hans Peter Bojar

Cretaceous oceanic red beds from the Pindos Basin of Greece: long-term siliceous pelagic deposition punctuated by anoxia, Peter Neumann and Michael Wagreich

Upper Cretaceous oceanic red beds in New Zealand, Daniel (Dan) C.H. Hikuroa, Peter Cramp Ton, Brad Field, and Foul Schioler

Shallow-water CORBs

The Sohlde Formation (Cenomanian, Turonian) of NW Germany: shallow marine pelagic red beds, Frank Wiese

Early Turonian shallow marine red beds on the Levant carbonate platform (Jordan), Southern Tethys, Jens Wendler, Jnes Wendler, and Jochen Kuss

CORB Origins: Paleoceanographic and Paleoclimate Implications

Origin of Cretaceous oceanic red beds from the Vispi Quarry Section, Central Italy: visible reflectance and inorganic geochemistry, Xiumian Hu, Wenbin Cheng, and Junfeng Ji

Geochemical characterization of Santonian cyclic oceanic red beds in the Alpine Tethys (Rehkogelgraben Section, Austria), Stephanie Neuhuber and Michael Wagreich

Productivity fluctuations and orbital cyclicity during onset of Early to Middle Turonian marine red-bed formation (Austrian Eastern Alps), Ines Wendler, Jens Wendler, Stephanie Neuhuber, and Michael Wagreich

Characterization of iron partitioning in Cretaceous oceanic red beds of the Chuangde section, South Tibet, Yongjian Huang, Xi Chen, and Simon W. Poulton

Coniacian-Santonian oceanic red beds and their link to oceanic Anoxic Event 3, Michael Wagreich

Cretaceous oceans and ocean modeling, William W. Hay



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