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Recent Advances in Models of Siliciclastic Shallow-Marine Stratigraphy (CD)

Product Code: ES490CD
Series: SEPM Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by Gary J. Hampson, Ronald J. Steel, Peter M. Burgess and Robert W. Dalrymple
Publication Date: 08 December 2008
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CD version of SEPM Special Publication 90.

This volume arose from an SEPM research conference on shoreline-shelf stratigraphy that was held in Grand ]unction, Colorado, on August 24-28, 2004. The aim of the resulting volume is to high¬light the development over the last 15 years of the stratigraphic concepts and models that are used to interpret siliciclastic mar-ginal-marine, shallow-marine, and shelf deposits.

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Publisher: SEPM
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Recent advances in models of siliciclastic shallow-marine stratigraphy: Introduction and perspectives, GARY j. HAMPSON, RONALD J. STEEL, PETER M. BURGESS, AND ROBERT W. DALRYMPLE


Control of climate change on the yield of river systems, AART-PETER H VAN DEN BERG VAN SAPAROEA AND GEORGE POSTMA

Stratigraphic forward modeling of basin-margin clinoform systems: implications for controls on topset and shelf width and timing of formation of shelf-edge deltas, PETER M. BURGESS AND RONALD J. STEEL

Shelf and shelf-margin growth in scenarios of rising and falling sea level, RONALD J. STEEL, CRISTIAN CARVAJAL, ANDREW PETTER, AND CARLOS UROZA

The role of ichnology in refining shallow marine facies models, JAMES A. MAcEACHERN AND KERRIE L. BANN

Geomorphology and high-resolution stratigraphy of progradational wave-dominated shoreline deposits: impact on reservoir-scale facies architecture, GARY J. HAMPSON, ANTONIO B. RODRIGUEZ, JOEP E.A. STORMS, HOWARD D. JOHNSON, AND CRAIG T. MEYER

Geologically constrained grid design in shallow-marine reservoir models: an example from the Flounder Field, Gippsland Basin, Australia, SARAH J. RIORDAN, SIMON C. LANG, AND TOBIAS H.D. PAYENBERG

Holocene and Modern Shorelines and Shelves

Tidally modulated storm sedimentation on open-coast tidal flats, southwestern coast of Korea:
distinguishing tidal-flat from shoreface storm deposits, BYONGCHEON YANG, ROBERT W. DALRYMPLE, SEUNGSOO CHUN, MICHAEL F. JOl NSON, AND HEEJUN LEE

A modern high-energy siliciclastic-carbonate platform: continental shelf adjacent to northern Rio Grande do Norte State, northeastern Brazil, HELENICE VITAL, KARL STATTEGGER, VENERANDO E. AMARO, KLAUS SCHWARZER, EUGENIO P. FRAZAO, WERNER F. TABOSA, ANFD LRACEMA M. SILVEIRA

Variations in depositional architecture of Holocene to Modern prograding shorefaces along the Pacific coast of eastern japan, TORU TAMURA, YOSHIKI SAITO, AAUD FUJIO MASUDA

Ancient Shorelines and Shelves

Shoreline trajectory and its impact on coastal depositional environments: an example from the Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group, northwestern Colorado, U.S.A., SCOTT A. BULLIMORE, W[LLIAM HELLAND-EIANSEN, SVERRE HENRIKSEN, AND RONALD J. STEEL

Predicting coastal depositional style: influence of basin morphology and accommodation to sediment supply ratio within a sequence stratigraphic framework, R. BRUCE AINSWORTH, STEPHEN S. FLINT, AND JOHN A. HOWELL

Wave-to-tide facies change in a Campanian shoreline complex, Chimney Rock Tongue, Wyoming-Utah, U.S.A., P1RET PLINK-BJORKLUND

Ichnological and sedimentologic signatures of mixed wave- and storm-dominated deltaic deposits: examples from the Early Permian Sydney Basin, Australia, KERRIE L. BANN, STUART C. TYE, JAMES A. MacEACI-IERN, CHRISTOPHER R. FIELDING, AND BRIAN G. JONES

Are some isolated shelf sandstone ridges in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway transgressed, detached spit systems? LARS HENRIK NIELSEN AND PETER NIELS JOHANNESSEN

Controls on isolated shallow-marine sandstone deposition and shelf construction: Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, northern Utah and Colorado, U.S.A., GARY J. HAMPSON, EMILY J. PROCTER, AND CLARE KELLY

Sedimentology, architect-cue, and origin of shelf turbidite bodies in the Upper Cretaceous Kenilworth Member, Book Cliffs, Utah, U.S.A., SIMON A.J. PATHSON AND TREVOR A. HOFFMAN

Genesis, architecture, and numerical modeling of intra-parasequence discontinuity serfaces in wave-dominated deltaic deposits: Upper Cretaceous Srmnysode Member, Blackhawk Formation, Book Cliffs, Utah, U.S.A., TOR O. SOMME, JOHN A. HOWELL, GARY J. HAMPSON, AND JOEP E.A. STORMS

Fluvial to estuarine valley-fill models without age-equivalent sandy shoreline deposits, based on the Clearwater Formation (Cretaceous) at Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, HOWARD R. FELDMAN AND G. GLEN McCR MMON

Campanian continental and shallow marine architecture in a eustatically modified clastic wedge: Mesaverde Group, Wyoming, U.S.A., DONALD J. P. SWIFT, STEPHEN B. PARSONS, AND KIMBERLY A. HOWELL


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