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Controls on Carbonate Platform and Reef Development - CD

Product Code: ES489CD
Series: SEPM Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by Jeff Lukasik and J A (Toni) Simo
Publication Date: 09 April 2008
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SEPM Special Publication 89 on CD.

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This volume represents ideas and concepts initially presented in the SEPM Special Session “Controls on Carbonate Platform and Reef Development: A Tribute in Honor of Dr Wolfgang Schlager” at the AAPG-SEPM Conference in Calgary, May 2005.

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Publisher: SEPM
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Introduction and Synthesis
Controls on development of Phanerozoic carbonate platforms and reefs - introduction and synthesis, Jeff Lukasik and J.A. (Toni) Simo

Global Perspectives on Carbonate Platform Development
The Carbonate Analogs Through Time (CATT) hypothesis and the global atlas of carbonate fields¬A systematic and predictive look at Phanerozoic carbonate systems, James R. Markello, Richard B. Koepnick, Lo Well E. Waite, and Joel F. Collins
The subtle thief: selective dissolution of aragonite during shallow burial and the implications for carbonate sedunentology, Paul Wright and Lesley Cherns

Tectonic Controls
Tectonic and depositional controls on syn-rift carbonate platform sedimentation, Steven L. Dorobek
Tectono-sedimentary models for rift-basin carbonate systems, Nigel E. Cross and Dan W.J. Bosence
Controls on Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) heterozoan carbonate platforms developed on salt diapirs, La Popa Basin, NE Mexico, Katherine A. Giles, Dominic C. Druke, David W. Mercer, and Lela Hunnicutt--Mack
Evaluating structural controls on the formation and properties of Carboniferous carbonate reservoirs in the northern Midcontinent, U.S.A., V.Lynn Watney, Evan K. Franseen, Alan P. Byrnes, and Susan E. Ntssen
Upper Mississippian Antler Foreland Basin carbonate and siliciclastic rocks, east-central Tdaho and southwestern Montana, U.S.A.: Distinguishing tectonic and ecstatic controls on deposition, Liselle S. Batt, Michael C. Pope, Peter E. Isaacson, Isabel Montanez, and Jason Abplanalp
Tectonic controls on Oligocene carbonate platform basin deposition, Costa Blanca, southeast Spain, Michelle Stoklosa and J.A. (Toni) Simo

Environmental Controls (Oceanography, Climate, Trophic Resources, Temperature)
Architecture of carbonate platforms: a response to hydrodynamics and evolving ecology, Luis Pomar, and Christopher G.Sr.C. Kendall
Lateral variabilities of cycle stacking patterns in the Lateral r, Triassic, Italian Dolomites, Arndt Peterhansel and Sven O. Egenhoff
Carbonate-biosiliceous sedimentation in Early Oligocene estuaries during a time of global change, Port Willunga Formation, St. Vincent Basin, southern Australia, Noel P. James and Yvonne Bone
Post-Turonian rudist-bearing limestones of the peri-Tethyan region: evolution of the sedimentary patterns and lithofacies in the context of global versus regional controls,
Gabriele Carannante, Antonietta Cherchi, Roberto Graziano,Daniela Ruberti, and Lucia Simone
Nutrient-gradient controls on Devonian reefs: Insight from the ramp-situated Alexandra Reef System (Frasnian), Northwest Territories, Canada, Alex J. Macneil and Brian Jones
Magnetic susceptibility, biostratigraphy, and sequence stratigraphy: insights into Devonian carbonate platform development and basin milling, western Alberta, Canada, Michael T. Whalen and James E. (Jed) Day

Improved Characterization of Carbonate Platforms and Reefs
Remote sensing and comparative geomorphology of Holocene carbonate depositional systems,
Eugene C. Rankey and Paul M. (Mitch) Harris
Modern isolated carbonate platforms: templates for quantifying facies attributes of hydrocarbon reservoirs, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris and Brigitte Vlaswinkel
Analyzing sequence architecture and reservoir quality of isolated carbonate platforms with forward stratigraphic modeling, Phil Bassant and Paul M. (Mitch) Harris



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