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Autogenic Dynamics and Self-Organization in Sedimentary Systems

Product Code: ES4106
Series: SEPM Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by David A. Budd, Elizabeth A. Hajek, and Sam J. Purkis
Publication Date: 17 July 2017
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SEPM Special Publication 106

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Autogenic dynamics and self-organization in sedimentary systems are increasingly viewed as significant and important processes that drive erosion, sediment transport, and sediment accumulation across the Earth’s surface. These internal dynamics can dramatically modulate the formation of the stratigraphic record, form biologically constructed depositional packages, affect ecological patterning in time and space, and impact aspects of geochemical sedimentation and diagenesis. The notion that autogenic processes are local phenomena of short duration and distance is now recognized as false. Understanding autogenic dynamics in sedimentary systems is thus essential for deciphering the morphodynamics of moderns sedimentary systems, accurately reconstructing Earth history, and predicting the spatial and temporal distribution of sedimentary and paleobiologic features in the stratigraphic record.  

The thirteen papers in this volume present exciting new ideas and research related to autogenic dynamics and self-organization in sedimentology, stratigraphy, ecology, paleobiology, sedimentary geochemistry, and diagenesis. Five papers summarize the current state of thinking about autogenic processes and products in fluvial-deltaic, eolian, and carbonate depositional systems, and in paleobiologic and geochemical contexts. A second group of papers provide perspectives derived from numerical modeling and laboratory experiments. The final section consists of field studies that explore autogenic processes and autogenically modulated stratigraphy in five case studies covering modern and ancient fluvial, deltaic, and shelf settings. This SP should stimulate further research as to how self-organization might promote a better understanding of the sedimentary record.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781565763425
Publisher: SEPM
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 216
Weight: 1.1 kg



Introduction to Autogenic Dynamics and Self-Organization in Sedimentary Systems, DAVID A. BUDD, ELIZABETH A, HAJEK, and SAM J. PURKIS

Concepts and Overviews

A Mind of Their Own: Recent Advances in Autogenic Dynamics in Rivers and Deltas, CHRIS PAOLA

Trickle-Down and Trickle-Up Boundary Conditions in Eolian Dune-Field Pattern Formation, GARY KOCUREK and RYAN C. EWING

Biological Self-Organization: Implications for Sedimentary Rocks with Examples from Shallow Marine Settings, THOMAS D. OLSZEWSKI

Spatial Self-Organization in Carbonate Depositional Environments, SAM J. PURKIS, JOHAN VAN DE KOPPEL, and PETER M. BURGESS

Self-Organized Pattern Formation in Sedimentary Geochemical Systems, YIFENG WANG and DAVID A. BUDD

Experimental and Modelling Perspectives

Lattice Models in Ecology, Paleontology, and Geology, ROY E. PLOTNICK


Comparison of Avulsion Cycles from Subaerial and Subaqueous Fan Experiments with Supercritical Channels, PAUL HAMILTON, KYLE STROM, and DAVID HOYAL

Field Insights

Measuring Scales of Autogenic Organization in Fluvial Stratigraphy: An Example from the Cretaceous Lower Williams Fork Formation, Colorado, ELLEN P. CHAMBERLIN, ELIZABETH A. HAJEK, and SHEILA M. TRAMPUSH

Clustering of Elongate Muddy Delta Lobes within Fluvio–Lacustrine Systems, Jurassic Kayenta Formation, Utah, GALEN HULING and JOHN HOLBROOK

Autogenic Modulation of Fluvial Channel Fills in Allogenically Formed Incised Valleys: Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation, USA, HIRANYA SAHOO and M. ROYHAN GANI

River-Dominated Deltas: Upscaling Autogenic and Allogenic Processes Observed in Laboratory Experiments to Field Examples of Small Deltas in Southern Brazil, MARIA LUIZA CORREA DA CAMARA ROSA, DAVID HOYAL, EDUARDO G. BARBOZA, JUAN FEDELE, and VITOR ABREU

Mud Begets Mud: Autogenesis of a Mud-Dominated Coastal Sequence, JAMES M. RINE


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