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Finance & Operations


Alex McPherson (Director of Finance & Operations)

Accounts Department

Maria Michael (Financial Controller)

Jigna Dabhi (Assistant Accountant)

Yvonne Chilcott (Finance Assistant)

Fellowship Department

Mohammed Jahangir (Head of Fellowship Services)

Responsible for managing and developing Fellowship services. Also responsible for Regional Groups, Society Agents, Accreditation Scheme for degree courses, Continuing Professional Development for Chartered Geologists. Secretary to the Professional committee and accreditation panel.

Kate Puchcinska-Kwiatek (Membership Services Officer)

Provides general support to the Membership Office, responsible for processing new Fellowship applications and elections and managing general Fellowship enquiries, and provides administrative support for Chartership enquiries and applications.

Donna Prisley (Member Support and Compliance Officer)

Provides general support to the Membership Office, responsible for membership renewal and payments and for Regional Groups, and provides administrative support for accreditation schemes and CPD compliance.

Shaun Richardson (Chartership Officer)

Andy Saunders (Accreditation Officer)


Farhana Begum (Human Resources Manager)

Provides HR support and advice for Geological Society staff, dealing with recruiting and staffing, compensation and benefits, training and learning, employee relations, communications, and administration.


Jonathan Hope (Facilities Manager)

Responsible for facilities and general housekeeping including fire and health and safety.


Kevin Perry (IT & Systems Manager)

Kevin manages the Society's IT infrastructure, and provides technical support to staff.

Tamara (Website Project Manager)

Tamara manages and monitors the implementation of website and CRM projects.