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Professor Iain Stewart

Iain Stewart Iain Stewart combines an academic career that embraces an international reputation in the fields of neotectonics and geohazard assessment, with a life as a broadcaster and writer of science in general and geology in particular. His writing is both accessible and engaging. He is also involved on the policy side, both within the Society and other organizations and these activities have already been recognised by an array of organizations as summarised elsewhere in this nomination.

Iain’s research reflects his interests in making geology more societally-relevant. He has developed the use of the archaeological record to examine the effects of pre-historical and younger earthquakes and other catastrophic geological phenomena, especially in the Mediterranean. He is one of the few people examining the Holocene tectonic history of the British Isles – likely to become increasingly important as the UK increases its non-hydrocarbon energy infrastructure. In short Iain represents the modern breed of earth scientist who uses the geological record, especially the young, to deduce earth processes and, critically, to show why this understanding is important to humanity.

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