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Gavin Wayte 1964-2014

zcfhPopular and conscientious consultant petrologist in the oil industry whose traditional approach to geology was never tainted by Luddism.

Gavin Wayte was born in Windsor on 23 June 1964. He loved geology and his enthusiasm and passion for the subject was evident to everyone who knew him.

Gavin often said he didn’t excel academically when he was a boy and was thought shy, but while at school in Buckinghamshire he found an interest in rocks and applied for a university course. He was awarded a first class honours degree in Geology from Kings College, London in 1985. Then he moved to the University of Manchester to research his PhD on the “Mechanisms of high pressure metamorphic reactions in gabbros from the Piedmont Zone of the Western Alps”.

In 1990, Gavin finished his PhD and got a job at GAPS Geological Consultants based in Putney, and despite working for five different consultancies he never left any of them, choosing instead to stay with the company who gave him his first job. In the process he worked for Scott Pickford, Core Labs, ECL and then RPS, first in their London Office and then in the suburbs of Henley-On-Thames. Gavin had expertise in many fields of geology, from thin section analysis and core description to basin modeling and equity redeterminations. Gavin’s experience also covered the globe; he worked on projects as diverse as lead geologist determining the diagenetic processes controlling Carboniferous reservoir quality in the Southern North Sea to more recently building static models for clastic reservoirs in Turkmenistan and carbonate reservoirs in the Congo. With his wide breadth and depth of knowledge he was able to apply his expertise to any reservoir.

Gavin always threw himself into every project and always aimed to get the best possible result, but at the same time was never too busy to help and assist colleagues, even staying late to research problematic issues. Consequently he was a very popular team member, always pulling above his weight in the office while also happy to sink a pint or two with the team afterwards. And although Gavin was a geologist of the traditional style he was certainly no Luddite; he made a point of keeping up with advances in software and computing while lending a helping hand to others less willing or able to do so. His expertise was such that he was preparing to give an in-house training course on Petrel modeling using his knowledge to help others.

Gavin was not only a conscientious and enthusiastic geologist he also had a passion for Watford Football Club and as a season ticket holder could be seen in his seat at Vicarage Road most weekends. When not on the terraces, he also loved trains often taking his nephew for adventures on steam locomotives around the country.  Gavin was a regular member of the congregation and community of Everyday Church, Wimbledon.

Gavin died suddenly at home in May 2014.  A true gentleman geologist, Gavin will be greatly missed by all his colleagues and friends.

Clare Wilson