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Corporate Patrons Committee

The Corporate Patrons Committee reports to the Finance and Planning Committee

Terms of Reference

  • To facilitate, foster, maintain and grow the Corporate Affiliate Scheme and City of London Geoscience Forum through identified benefits and the organisation of networking events.
  • To seek financial and other support for a Council agreed portfolio of project based activities to support the strategic development of the Society
  • To report to the Finance & Planning Committee. 



A Vice President of the Society who will have specific responsibly for the Corporate Patrons Committee

Other members

To be appointed by the Finance & Planning Committee and drawing initially on the membership of the former Development & Fundraising Committee

To ensure representation and input across all economic sectors with an active or potential interest in the geosciences the Committee will establish a widely-drawn Consultative Panel

Membership of the Committee and Consultative Panel may include both Fellows and non-Fellows


Executive Secretary

Director of Operations

Conference Manager

Education & Training Officer

The secretariat to be provided by the Conference Manager.

Method of working

The Corporate Patrons Committee is to meet quarterly. 

Committee Members


  • Dr Mike Armitage (Vice president, Corporate Patrons)

Other Members

  • Dr Iain Bartholomew
  • Dr Peter Dolan
  • Dr Adam Law
  • Sir Mark Moody-Stuart
  • Mr Mark Steeves


  • Ms Jenny Boland (Head of Development)