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The President's Award

President's Awards, instituted in 1980 by Professor Perce Allen, are conferred upon geoscientists who are within ten years of their first degree in geoscience or a cognate subject and who have made a notable early contribution to the science.

Nominees for 2019

Each year the President of the Geological Society has in his, or her, power the ability to award a small number of ‘President’s Awards’ to early career geoscientists (within 8 years FTE of first degree graduation) who show significant early promise and are judged to have the potential to be future leaders in their field. 

While these awards are of modest monetary value, they can be a source of great encouragement to young scientists and make all the difference both in morale and prospects. The awards are open to those across the whole community, both academic and applied.  

Your help is needed with identifying nominees.  

The process is relatively simple involving a letter of nomination describing why the nominee deserves recognition.  

A CV would also be helpful.

The successful nominees are invited to President’s Day where all our medals and awards are conferred.

Please send your nomination to by the end of February.

2018 Winners

The President, Malcolm Brown, received some strong nominations for this year’s President’s Award and has decided to confer three.  The winners are:

  • David King of University College London 
  • Oliver Rose of CH2M 
  • Jack Williams of Cardiff University

Congratulations to them all.

Contact the Awards Secretary

Stephanie Jones

Email: stephanie.jones@

Geological Society of London
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