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Awards and Funds winners

The Society is delighted to announce the names of the 2018 winners of its medals and funds and offers all its heartiest congratulations.   

Wollaston Medal
Prof Terry Plank

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, 
Columbia University

Lyell Medal

Prof Julian Dowdeswell

Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

Murchison Medal

Prof Janne Blichert-Toft
CNRS and Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon

William Smith Medal
Dr Peter Dolan
Ikon Science Limited

Prestwich Medal
Prof Jan Zalasiewicz
University of Leicester

Sue Tyler Friedman Medal
This is medal is not being awarded in 2018

Dewey Medal
The first Dewey Medal winner - Prof Robert Butler

Coke Medal
Prof Robert Holdsworth
Durham University

Mr David Shilston

Distinguished Service Award
This is not being awarded in 2018

R H Worth Award
Girls into Geoscience
Plymouth University

Bigsby Medal
Prof Simon Poulton

University of Leeds

Aberconway Medal
Dr Charlotte Adams
Durham University

Wollaston Fund
Dr Owen Weller
University of Cambridge

Lyell Fund 
Dr Amanda Owen
University of Glasgow

Murchison Fund
Dr George Cooper
Durham University

William Smith Fund
Dr Hannah Hughes
University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mine

President’s Award
David King
University College London 

Oliver Rose
Jacobs (formally CH2M)

Jack Williams
Cardiff University


Nominations for 2019 Awards

Details of how to submit nominations can be found here.  The closing date will be 28 September