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Horizontal Wells: Focus on the Reservoirs

Product Code: 525
Series: AAPG Methods in Exploration
Author/Editor: Edited by Timothy R. Carr, Erik P. Mason and Charles T. Feazel
Publication Date: 24 April 2003
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This book provides an overview of the new technical approaches required for the best use of horizontal and extended-reach technology in different reservoir situations. The volume is a selection from more than 50 papers presented at an AAPG/SPWLA Hedberg Research Symposium, “International Horizontal and Extended Reach Well Symposium: Focus on the Reservoir”, held in The Woodlands, Texas, on October 10-14, 1999. The 16 chapters describe horizontal and extended-reach wells and drilling programs in a variety of geological settings all over the world.

The book discusses the evolution of technical knowledge required from geoscientists, engineers and managers to develop a detailed and integrated approach to the design and execution of a horizontal well.

Through 2001, more than 34,777 horizontal wells had been drilled in 72 countries spanning the globe. Today, horizontal and extended-reach wells are used to overcome various challenges imposed by reservoir geometry, fluid characteristics, economic conditions or environmental constraints, including: 

  • coning (gas or water)  
  • waterflood conformance  
  • improved recovery from thin beds  
  • economic and technical limitations (e.g. offshore limitations on the number of slots)  
  • environmental restrictions  
  • heterogeneous reservoirs (e.g. fractured or restricted flow units)  
  • recovery from tar sands

AAPG’s Horizontal Wells highlights the changes in our understanding of petroleum reservoirs and the type of knowledge required to move beyond the limitations of vertical wells to a horizontal perspective.

Includes colour illustrations.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-89181-665-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-89181-665-2
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 270
Weight: 0.95 kg


Chapter 1, Horizontal Drilling—A Global Perspective, Philip H. Stark •Turbidite and Deltaic Reservoirs• Chapter 2, Characterization and Exploitation of the Distal Margin of a Fan-shaped Turbidite Reservoir—The ARCO-DOE 91X-3 Horizontal Well Project, Yowlumne Field, San Joaquin Basin, California, • Michael S. Clark, Rick K. Prather, and John D. Melvin • Chapter 3, Three-dimensional Geologic Modeling and Horizontal Drilling Bring More Oil out of the Wilmington Oil Field of Southern California, Donald D. Clarke and Christopher C. Phillips • Chapter 4, Results and Conclusions of a Horizontal-drilling Program at South Pass 62 Salt-dome Field, E. P. Mason, M. J. Bastian, R. Detomo, M. N. Hashem, and A. J. Hildebrandt • Chapter 5, The Use of Horizontal Wells to Optimize the Development of Andrew—A Small Oil and Gas Field in the UKCS North Sea, Liz Jolley, Matt Nicol, Amy Frankenbourg, Andy Leonard, and John Wreford • Chapter 6 Planning, Evaluation, and Performance of Horizontal Wells at Ram Powell Field, Deep-water Gulf of Mexico, Peter A. Craig, Timothy J. Bourgeois, Zaheer A. Malik, and Terrell B. Stroud • Fluvial and Eolian Reservoirs • Chapter 7, Unique Horizontal-well Designs Boost Primary and EOR Production, Prudhoe Bay Field, Alaska, R. S. Tye, B. A. Watson, P. L. McGuire, and M. M. Maguire • Chapter 8, Horizontal-well Drilling in the Heavy-oil Belt, Eastern Venezuela Basin: A Postmortem of Drilling Experiences, Douglas S. Hamilton, Robert Barba, M. H. Holtz, Joseph Yeh, M. Rodriguez, M. Sánchez, P. Calderon, and J. Castillo • Chapter 9, Structural and Stratigraphic Compartments in a Horizontal Well Drilled in the Eolian Tensleep Sandstone, Byron Field, Wyoming, N. F. Hurley, A. A. Aviantara, and D. R. Kerr • Chalk Reservoirs • Chapter 10, Reservoir Characterization, Well Planning, and Geosteering in the Redevelopment of Ekofisk Field, North Sea, Charles T. Feazel and Hardy H. Nielsen • Chapter 11, Interpreting Natural Fracture Directions in Horizontal Wells from Wellbore Image Logs, O. Jørgensen and N. W. Petersen • Chapter 12, Appraisal of an Extensive Thin Chalk Reservoir with Long Horizontal Wells: Cyclostratigraphy as Complementary Steering Tool, N. W. Petersen, J. Toft, and P. M. Hansen • Carbonate Reservoirs• Chapter 13, Horizontal Drilling in the Northern Reef Trend of the Michigan Basin, Lester A. Pearce, Christine M. Hewitt, and Lisa M. Corder • Chapter 14, Cost-effective Techniques for the Independent Producer to Identify Candidate Reservoirs for Horizontal Drilling in Mature Oil and Gas Fields, Saibal Bhattacharya, Paul M. Gerlach, and Timothy R. Carr • Techniques • Chapter 15, Flexible Well-path Planning for Horizontal and Extended-reach Wells, E. J. Stockhausen, G. E. Smith, J. A. Peters, and E. T. Bornemann • Chapter 16, Geosteering of High-angle Wells using Heavy-mineral Analysis: The Clair Field, West of Shetland, U.K. Andrew C. Morton, Patrick J. Spicer, and David Ewen • 


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