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Petroleum Basins of South America - AAPG Memoir 62 CD

Product Code: 476
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by A.J. Tankard, R. Suárez Soruco, and H.J. Welsink
Publication Date: 01 December 2000
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This is a monumental memoir. Buy this memoir if you want to better understand the geology of South America, where exploration efforts are expanding because of world-class discoveries and improving fiscal terms. Memoir 62 covers the regional setting of an entire continent: Paleozoic basins, Mesozoic rifts, Andean basins, and northern South America.

Type: CD
Ten Digit ISBN: 1588611795
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781588611796
Publisher: AAPG
Weight: 0.17 kg


Regional Setting • Structural and Tectonic Controls of Basin Evolution in Southwestern Gondwana During the Phanerozoic • Oil and Gas Discoveries and Basin Resource Predictions in Latin America • Petroleum Basins of Southern South America: An Overview • Tectonic Subsidence Analysis and Paleozoic Paleogeography of Gondwana • Mesozoic Cenozoic Andean Paleogeography and Regional Controls on Hydrocarbon Systems • Phanerozoic Correlation in Southern South America • Paleozoic Basins • Hydrocarbon-Bearing Late Paleozoic Glaciated Basins of Southern and Central South America • Phanerozoic Tectonics and Sedimentation in the Chaco Basin of Paraguay, with Comments on Hydrocarbon Potential • Phanerozoic Evolution of Bolivia and Adjacent Regions • Evidence for a Middle Late Paleozoic Foreland Basin and Significant Paleolatitudinal Shift, Central Andes • Silurian Jurassic Stratigraphy and Basin Evolution of Northwestern Argentina • Tectonic Evolution of the Andes of Northern Argentina • Tectonics and Stratigraphy of the Late Paleozoic Paganzo Basin of Western Argentina and its Regional Implications • Mesozoic Rifts • Structural Inversion of a Cretaceous Rift Basin, Southern Altiplano, Bolivia • Geometry and Seismic Expression of the Cretaceous Salta Rift System, Northwestern Argentina • Cretaceous Rifting, Alluvial Fan Sedimentation, and Neogene Inversion, Southern Sierras Pampeanas, Argentina • Structural Inversion and Oil Occurrence in the Cuyo Basin of Argentina • Inversion of the Mesozoic Neuqun Rift in the Malarge Fold and Thrust Belt, Mendoza, Argentina • Tectonic Evolution and Paleogeography of the Neuqun Basin, Argentina • Hydrocarbon Accumulation in an Inverted Segment of the Andean Foreland: San Bernardo Belt, Central Patagonia • Andean Basins • Petroleum Geology of the Sub-Andean Basins of Peru • Petroleum System of the Northern and Central Bolivian Sub-Andean Zone • Structural Geology of Sub-Andean Fold and Thrust Belt in Northwestern Bolivia • Andean and Pre-Andean Deformation, Boomerang Hills Area, Bolivia • Devonian Carboniferous Stratigraphy in the Madre de Dios Basin, Bolivia: Pando X-1 and Manuripi X-1 Wells • Is the Bend in the Bolivian Andes an Orocline? • Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Sub-Andean Thrust Belt of Southern Bolivia • Structural Styles and Petroleum Occurrence in the Sub-Andean Fold and Thrust Belt of Northern Argentina • Northern South America • Northern Part of Oriente Basin, Ecuador: Reflection Seismic Expression of Structures • Reservoir Characterization of the Hollin and Napo Formations, Western Oriente Basin, Ecuador • Intermontane Late Paleozoic Neogene Basins of the Andes of Ecuador and Peru: Sedimentologic and Tectonic Characteristics • Basin Development in an Accretionary, Oceanic-Floored Fore-Arc Setting: Southern Coastal Ecuador During Late Cretaceous Late Eocene Time • Eastern Cordillera of Colombia: Jurassic Neogene Crustal Evolution • Geodynamic Evolution of the Eastern Andes, Colombia: An Alternative Hypothesis • Basin Development and Tectonic History of the Llanos Basin, Colombia • Crustal Architecture and Strain Partitioning in the Eastern Venezuelan Ranges • Stratigraphic Synthesis of Western Venezuela • Jurassic Eocene Tectonic Evolution of Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela • Two-Dimensional Computer Modeling of Oil Generation and Migration in a Transect of the Eastern Venezuela Basin • Petroleum Geology of the Central Part of the Eastern Venezuelan Basin • Cenozoic Sedimentation and Tectonics of the Southwestern Caribbean Pull-Apart Basin, Venezuela and Colombia


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