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Online Training: Geological Hazards: Their Occurrence, Monitoring and Mitigation Series

04 July - 05 September 2024
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A geological hazard (geohazard) is the consequence of an adverse combination of geological processes and ground conditions, sometimes precipitated by anthropogenic activity. The term implies that the event is unexpected and likely to cause significant loss or harm. To understand geohazards and mitigate their effects, expertise is required in the key areas of engineering geology, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, risk management, communication and planning, supported by appropriate specialist knowledge of subjects such as seismology and volcanology. There is a temptation for geoscientists involved in geohazards to get too focused on the 'science' and lose sight of the purpose of the work, which is to facilitate the effective management and mitigation of the consequences of geohazards within society.

The study and assessment of geohazards into the wider social context, helping the engineering geologist to better communicate the issues concerning geohazards in the UK to the client and the wider public.

Modules in this Series

Glacial Hazards - 8 July 2024

Problematic Soils: Peat - 22 July 2024

Brownfield Sites - 4 September 2024

Problematic Soils: Collapsible Soils - 5 September 2024

Carbonate hazard: mining and dissolution - 9 September 2024

Problematic soils: Swell/shrink soils - 12 September 2024


Please visit the individual module pages to register, using the links above.

If you have any questions regarding this series, please email [email protected]

GSL reserves the right to postpone or cancel a Training Course in the event of low interest. In this instance, a full refund will be offered for registration fees.