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Geographic Information Systems in Petroleum Exploration and Development (2000) CD

Product Code: 1265
Series: AAPG Computer Applications in Geology
Author/Editor: Edited by Timothy C. Coburn and Jeffrey M. Yarus
Publication Date: 15 September 2000
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CD reprint of AAPG Computer Applications in Geology No. 4

This publication takes an informative look at the use of computer-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the energy industry. This excellent volume is particularly timely in light of the rapidly growing numbers and types of applications of GIS technology. The book’s thoroughly illustrated chapters address the full range of GIS topics, approaches, and philosophies, with special emphasis on the petroleum industry; there is a good mix of theory, applications, resources, and practical advice. Case studies include a regional study, conceptual geological modeling, a field study, reservoir characterization, and more. A general historical overview of GIS technology, trends, and predictions is included. This book will be an invaluable guide to GIS resources and applications for individuals and companies, beginners and specialists. Properly used and integrated, Geographic Information Systems technology can help geoscientists achieve greater success in all aspects of petroleum exploration and development.

Type: CD
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-58861-487-2
Publisher: AAPG
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Geographic Information Systems in Petroleum Exploration and Development: An Introductory Essay, by J. M. Yarus and T. C. Coburn. TECHNOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Technology: A Brief History, Trends, and Probable Future, by J. K. Berry. An Overview of GIS in the Geosciences, by G. Bonham-Carter. Geoscientific Modeling: Past, Present, and Future, by A. K. Turner. GIS Technology--A Vendor Perspective of its History and Prospects in Petroleum Exploration and Production, by G. Wade. PRACTICAL REALITIES. A Conversation with Petroleum Exploration, by T. C. Coburn, J. M. Yarus, and P. H. Stark. On the Implementation of GIS for Petroleum Exploration and Development: Issues and Perspectives, by T. C. Coburn. CASE STUDIES. Building a Regional Study in GIS, by C. R. Mazzo and W. A. Burroughs. GIS-Based Analysis of Fluid Migration in Sedimentary Basins, by G. Paulus. The Gap Mountain Prospect: A New Approach to Conceptual Geological Modeling, by D. R. Jefferis, M. S. Connelly, and S. Pack. Evaluating International Acquisitions Using a Spatial Database System--A Low-Cost Approach, by A. Haertlein and D. Rich. Use of Geographic Information Systems in Hydrocarbon Resource Assessment and Opportunity Analysis, by K. C. Hood, B. C. South, F. D. Walton, O. D. Baldwin, and W. A.Burroughs. Conducting a Field Study with GIS: Port Hudson Field, The Tuscaloosa Trend, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, by K. A. Barrell. Waterflood Optimization Using GIS Techniques in Citronelle Field, Mobile County, Alabama, U.S.A., by L. E. Safley and M. L. Fowler. Reservoir Characterization of a Stratigraphically and Structurally Complex Gulf of Suez Oil Field Using Three-Dimensional Modeling and GIS Techniques, by R. A. Day, K. Talaat, and K. S. Hoffman. SUPPORTING ROLES AND APPLICATIONS. Integrated Geo-Systems--A Computational Environment for Integrated Management, Analysis, and Presentation of Petroleum Industry Data, by K. A. Khan. Using the World Wide Web to Manage Exploration and Production Team Data, by C. Fried. GIS--The Exploration and Exploitation Tool, by K. A. Barrell. The USGS GeoExplorer Project: Using New GIS Technology for Scientific Data Publishing, by C. E. Barnwell. GIS RESOURCES. GIS--Public Domain and Inexpensive Software, by B. Gibbs. Bibliographic Resources for GIS in Petroleum Exploration and Development, by P. J. Yarka and T. C. Coburn. LOOKING AHEAD. GIS and Geostatistics--A Marriage of Technologies, by T. C. Coburn and J. M. Yarus. Appendix.


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