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Reservoir Characterization: Recent Advances - Memoir 71 CD

Product Code: 1144
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by Richard Schatzinger & J.F. Jordan
Publication Date: 06 April 1999
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Reprint of AAPG Memoir 71 on CD

An outgrowth of the Fourth International Reservoir Characterization Technical Conference (1997) sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, this unique publication covers every aspect of reservoir characterization and reflects both highly specialized disciplines and those with more general application.

Using an interdisciplinary and pragmatic approach, these 27 papers provide useful examples of how to handle specific reservoir characterization problems.

Now you can:

  • Analyze existing data using new techniques;
  • Put reservoir characterization to work for you through iterative feedback, interdisciplinary integration, and model improvement;
  • Improve reservoir management predictive capacity;
  • Employ a team approach to produce improved reservoir management strategies that will maximize recovery and profitability.

Type: CD
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781588614292
Publisher: AAPG
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Section I Overview
Chapter 1, The Role of Reservoir Characterization in the Reservoir Management Process (as Reflected in the Department of Energy's Reservoir Management Demonstration Program), Michael I. Fowler, Mark A. Young, Michael P. Madden, and E. Lance Cole

Section II Reservoir Description

Chapter 2, Characterization of the Distal Margin of a Slope-Basin (Class-III) Reservoir, ARCO-DOE Slant Well Project, Yowlumne Field, California, Michael S. Clark, John D. Melvin, Rick K. Prather, Anthony W. Marino, James R. Boles, and Douglas P. Imperato • Chapter 3, Facies Architecture of the Bluejacket Sandstone in the Eufaula'Lake Area, Oklahoma: Implications for Reservoir Characterization of the Subsurface Bartlesville Sandstone, Liangmiao Ye, Dennis Kerr, and Kexian Yang • Chapter 4, Multiscale Heterogeneity Characterization of Tidal Channel, Tidal Delta, and Foreshore Facies, Almond Formation Outcrops, Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming, Richard A. Schatzinger and Liviu Tomutsa• Chapter 5, Predicting InterwElll Heterogeneity in Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoirs: Effects of Progressive Architecture Variation Through a Depositional Cycle from Outcrop and Subsurface Observations, Paul R. Knox and Mark D. Barton • Chapter 6, Petrofacies Analysis-A Petrophysical Tool for Geologic/Engineering Reservoir Characterization, W. I. Watney, W. J. Guy, J. H. Doveton, S. Bhattacharya, P. M. Gerlach, G. C. Bohling, and T. R. Carr

Section III Enhanced/Improved Oil Recovery (EaR/lOR) Characterization

Chapter 7, Advanced Reservoir Characterization for Improved Oil Recovery in a New Mexico Delaware Basin Project, F. David Martin, Richard P. Kendall, Earl M. Whitney, Bob A. Hardage, Bruce A. Stubbs, Bruce Uszynski, and William W. Weiss • Chapter 8, An Integrated Geologic and Engineering Reservoir Characterization of the North Robertson (Clear Fork) Unit, Gaines County, Texas, Jerry w. Nevans, James E. Kamis, David K. Davies, Richard K. Vessell, Louis E. Doublet, and Thomas Blasingame

Section IV Methods and Techniques

Chapter 9, Well Test Imaging-A New Method for Determination of Boundaries from Well Test Data, Bruce A. Slevinsky • Chapter 10, Reducing Uncertainty in Geostatistical Description with Well-Testing Pressure Data, Albert C. Reynolds, Nanqun He, and Dean S. Oliver• Chapter 11, Transient Productivity Index for Numerical Well Test Simulations, G. Blanc, D. Y. Ding, A. Ene, T. Estebenet, and D. Rahon • Chapter 12, A Direct Method for Determining Complete Positive and Negative Capillary Pressure Curves for Reservoir Rock Using the Centrifuge, E. A. SpinIer and B. A. Baldwin• Chapter 13, Flow Units from Integrated WFT and NMR Data, Ekrem Kasap, Mehmet Altunbay, and Dan Georgi • Chapter 14, Extracting Maximum Petrophysical and Geological Information from a Limited Reservoir Database, Maqsood Ali, Adwait Chawathe, Ahmed Ouenes, Martha Cather, and William Weiss • Chapter 15, Reservoir Characterization Based on Tracer Response and Rank Analysis of Production and Injection Rates, Belkis T. Refunjol and Larry W. Lake

Section V Fracture Analysis

Chapter 16, Statistical Analysis of Surface Lineaments and Fractures for Characterizing Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, Genliang Guo, Stephen A. George, and Rhonda P. Lindsey• Chapter 17, Feasibility of Detecting Seismic Waves Between Wells at the Fractured Twin Creek Reservoir, Utah-Wyoming Overthrust Belt, Jorge O. Parra, Hughbert A. Collier, and Burke G. Angstman

Section VI Up scaling and Simulation

Chapter 18, The Ardross Reservoir Gridblock Analog: Sedimentology, Statistical Representivity, and Flow Upscaling, Philip Ringrose, Gillian Pickup, Jerry Jensen, and Margaret Forrester • Chapter 19, Evaluation of Multiple Geostatistical Models Using Scaling-Up with Coarse Grids: A Practical Study, P. Lemouzy • Chapter 20, An Efficient Permeability Scaling-Up Technique Applied to Discretized Flow Equations, Denise Urge/Ii and Yu Ding • Chapter 21, Effect of Wettability on Scale-Up of Multiphase Flow from Core-Scale to Reservoir Fine-Grid Scale, Y. C. Chang, V. Mani, and K. K. Mohanty

Section VII Modeling

Chapter 22, Evaluation of Field Development Plans Using 3-D Reservoir Modeling, D. Seifert, J. D. H. Newbery, C. Ramsey, and J. J. M. Lewis • Chapter 23, Integrated Reservoir Characterization: Improvement in Heterogeneous Stochastic Modeling by Integration of Additional External Constraints, B. Doligez, H. Beucher, F. Geffroy, and R. Eschard • Chapter 24, Characterization and Estimation of Permeability Correlation Structure from Performance Data, Mohammed Y. AI-Qahtani and lraj Ershaghi • Chapter 25, How Incorporating More Data Reduces Uncertainty in Recovery Predictions, Fernando P. Campozana, Larry W. Lake, and Kamy Sepehrnoori • Chapter 26, A Simple Method to Estimate Interwell Autocorrelation, Jorge Oscar de Sant' Anna Pizarro and Larry W. Lake • Chapter 27, Nonparametric Transformations for Data Correlation and Integration: From Theory to Practice, Akhil Datta-Gupta, Guoping Xue, and Sang Heon Lee



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