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Uncertainty Analysis and Reservoir Modeling - Memoir 96

Product Code: 1097
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by Y Zee Ma and Paul La Pointe
Publication Date: 02 February 2012
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AAPG Memoir 96

Uncertainty Analysis and Reservoir Modeling: Developing and Managing Assets in an Uncertain World presents a comprehensive survey of cutting-edge approaches used by industry to quantify the uncertainty in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Balanced between case histories and theory, the chapters in this volume equip experienced practitioners and those just entering the field with the theory, workflows and case history examples needed to make better reservoir management decisions in the uncertain world of the modern oil and gas field.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-89181-378-1
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 314
Weight: 1.36 kg


Chapter 1 - Uncertainty Analysis in Reservoir Characterization and Management: how much should we know about what we don’t know?, Y. Zee Ma

Chapter 2 - Uncertainty Analysis in Well-Log and Petrophysical Interpretations, William R. Moore, Y. Zee Ma, Jim Urdea, and Tom Bratton

Chapter 3 - Predicting Waterflood Behavior by Simulating Earth Models with No or Limited Dynamic Data: From Model Ranking to Simulating a Billion-Cell Model, Joseph Hovadik and David Larue

Chapter 4 - Quantification of Conceptual and Parametric Uncertainties in Fractured Reservoir Models, Paul R. La Pointe and Aaron Fox

Chapter 5 - Geologic Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis of a Gulf of Mexico Reservoir, Yuhong Liu, Peter G. Rigsby, Rohit Sinha, Steve Peterson, Joy Thomas, and Gregory Zimmerman

Chapter 6 - Integrated Reservoir Modeling of a Pinedale Tight-gas Reservoir in the Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, Y. Zee Ma, Ernie Gomez, Terry J. Young, Dennis L. Cox, Barbara Luneau, and Fabian Iwere

Chapter 7 - Improving Reservoir Modeling through Integration of Seismic Data in Eocene Turbidites for West Brae Field, Central North Sea, United Kingdom, Anne M. Schwab, Steve Buckner, James A. Bramald, and Julie Cass

Chapter 8 - Uncertainty Analysis in a Mature Field: Dibi Field Case Study, Djuro Novakovic and Joy Roth

Chapter 9 - Uncertainty Management in a Giant Fractured Carbonate Field, Oman, Using Experimental Design, Cathy Hollis, Simon Price, Harm Dijk, Lingli Wei, Daniela Frese, Michiel van Rijen, and Mohamed Al Salhi

Chapter 10 - Coupling Spatial and Frequency Uncertainty Analyses in Reservoir Modeling: Example of Judy Creek Reef Complex in Swan Hills, Alberta, Canada, Y. Zee Ma, Andrew Seto, and Ernest Gomez

Chapter 11 - Reducing Reservoir Characterization Uncertainties and Improving Field Recovery through Four-Dimensional Seismic Technology: An Integrated Four-Dimensional Seismic Interpretation Workflow, Jie Zhang, Dez Chu, Ganglin Chen, Kelly Wrobel, and William L. Soroka

Chapter 12 - Integration of Engineering and Geological Uncertainty for Reservoir Performance Prediction Using a Distance-Based Approach, Jef Caers and Céline Scheidt

Chapter 13 - Proxy Models for Fast Transfer of Static Uncertainty to Reservoir Performance Uncertainty, Jose Walter Vanegas, Luciane Cunha, and Clayton V. Deutsch

Chapter 14 - Forecast Optimization and Value of Information under Uncertainty, William J. Bailey, Benoît Couët, and Michael Prange

Chapter 15 - Reservoir Characterization and Uncertainty Assessment Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter: Application to Reservoir Development, Deepak Devegowda and Chao Gao

Chapter 16 - History Matching of Reservoir Models by Ensemble Kalman Filtering: The State of the Art and a Sensitivity Study, Leila Heidari, Véronique Gervais, Mickaële Le Ravalec, and Hans Wackernagel

Chapter 17 - Integrated Shale Gas Reservoir Modeling, C. Mike Du, Xu Zhang, Y. Zee Ma, Peter Kaufman, Brad Melton, and Sherif Gowelly

Chapter 18 - Sensitivity Analysis of Hydraulically Fractured Shale Gas Reservoirs, Xu Zhang and C. Mike Du

Chapter 19 - Reservoir Characterization and Modeling: A Look Back to See the Way Forward, Xinghe Yu, Y. Zee Ma, David Psaila, Paul La Pointe, Ernest Gomez, and Shengli Li



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