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Thrust Fault-Related Folding

Product Code: 1065
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by K. McClay, J. H. Shaw, and J. Suppe
Publication Date: 31 October 2011
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AAPG Memoir 94

Thrust fault-related folds form numerous important hydrocarbon traps in sub-aerial and deepwater fold and thrust belts as well as in inversion fold and thrust belts. This Memoir presents 16 papers on new advances in the analysis and understanding of thrust-related fold systems including detachment folds, thrust-fault propagation folds, wedge thrust-related fold systems, and basement-involved fold systems.

Case histories and examples included in this book range from the sub-aerial fold belts of the Tianshan of western China, the Zagros fold belt in Iran, the sub-Andean fold belt of Argentina, and the fold belts of the Spanish Pyrenees, Taiwan, Wyoming, and southern California to the deepwater fold belts of offshore Brazil and the Niger delta.

Theoretical, geometric, numerical, and analog model studies of thrust-related fold systems combined with new seismic and field case studies highlight the challenges and new strategies needed to understand and to explore for hydrocarbons in fold and thrust belt systems.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-89181-376-7
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 390
Weight: 1.60 kg


Chapter 1
Introduction to Thrust Fault-related Folding, Ken McClay

Chapter 2
Mass Balance and Thrusting in Detachment Folds, John Suppe

Chapter 3
Shortening Histories in Active Detachment Folds Based on Area-of-relief Methods, Ramon Gonzalez-Mieres and John Suppe

Chapter 4
Multiple Detachment Folding in Pusht-e Kuh Arc, Zagros: Role of Mechanical Stratigraphy, J. Vergés, M. G. H. Goodarzi, H. Emami, R. Karpuz, J. Efstathiou, and P. Gillespie

Chapter 5
Trishear: A Review of Kinematics, Mechanics, and Applications, Stuart Hardy and Richard W. Allmendinger

Chapter 6
Layer-parallel Shortening Templates Associated with Double-edge Fault-propagation Folding, S. Tavani and F. Storti

Chapter 7
Folding Mechanisms in a Fault-propagation Fold Inferred from the Analysis of Unconformity Angles: The Sant Llorenç Growth Structure (Pyrenees, Spain), J. L. Alonso, F. Colombo, and O. Riba

Chapter 8
Two Contrasting Kinematic Styles of Active Folding Above Thrust Ramps, Western Taiwan, Li-Fan Yue, John Suppe, and Jih-Hao Hung

Chapter 9
Active Folding and Blind Thrust Faulting Induced by Basin Inversion Processes, Inner California Borderlands, Carlos Rivero and John H. Shaw

Chapter 10
Cenozoic Structure and Tectonic Evolution of the Kuqa Fold Belt, Southern Tianshan, China, Xin Wang, John Suppe, Shuwei Guan, Aurelia Hubert-Ferrari, Ramon Gonzalez-Mieres, and Chengzao Jia

Chapter 11
Kinematics of a Hybrid Thick-thin-skinned Fold and Thrust Belt Recorded in Neogene Syntectonic Wedge-top Basins, Southern Central Andes Between 35º and 36ºS, Malargu?e, Argentina, Pablo Kraemer, José Silvestro, Federico Achilli, and Walter Brinkworth

Chapter 12
Basement-involved Contractional Wedge Structural Styles: Examples from the Hanna Basin, Wyoming, Van S. Mount, Kevin W. Martindale, Thomas W. Griffith, and John O. D. Byrd

Chapter 13
Three-dimensional Geometry and Forward Numerical Modeling of the Sant Corneli Anticline (Southern Pyrenees, Spain), J. Mencos, J. A. Muñoz, and S. Hardy

Chapter 14
Two-dimensional Analog Modeling of Fold and Thrust Belts: Dynamic Interactions with Syncontractional Sedimentation and Erosion, Jonathan E. Wu and Ken R. McClay

Chapter 15
Fault-related Folding in the Deep Waters of the Equatorial Margin of Brazil, Pedro Victor Zalán

Chapter 16
The Growth History of Toe Thrusts of the Niger Delta and the Role of Pore Pressure, Scot W. Krueger and Neil T. Grant


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