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Voting for the elections to Council 2015-2016 is now available to Fellows.


Twelve nominations have been received for the seven vacancies on Council. Voting will close on 31 March 2015.


Lyell Meeting 2016

Proposals invited

Date of meeting: 9 March 2016
Submit proposals by 28 February 2015


Charles Lyell

London Lectures 2015

See the 2015 programme of free monthly public lectures at Burlington House.

When Continents Collide: Active Deformation and Seismic Hazard
Natalyn Ala

Council Member to join Radioactive Waste Management

Natalyn Ala, a member of Council and Secretary Professional Matters, will join Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM) as Geological Disposal Facility Siting Director on 9 March 2015, from Atkins Limited where she is currently Director of Land and Environmental Management.  On behalf of the Society, we offer Natalyn our congratulations and best wishes in her new role. For more information, please visit the RWM website.

All members of Council are bound by the Society’s Declarations of Interests policy.

Geology for Society

Aimed at policy and decision-makers as well as the wider public, 'Geology for Society' outlines the importance of geology to our society.

Plate Tectonics

Visit our online resource, aimed at students aged 14 - 16. Learn how the theory of plate tectonics has developed, what happens at different plate margins, and the tectonic history of the UK.


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