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Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis

Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis (GEEA) is a new co-owned journal of the Geological Society of London and the Association of Applied Geochemists (AAG). 


GEEA: Editor-in-Chief 

The Association of Applied Geochemists (AAG) and the Geological Society of London (GSL) are seeking to fill the position of Editor-in-Chief of their co-owned journal, Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis (GEEA), early in 2015. For further information please click here.

The Journal covers all aspects of the application of geochemistry to the exploration and study of mineral resources, and reGEEA coverlated fields, including the geochemistry of the environment. Topics include: the description and evaluation of new and improved methods of geochemical exploration: sampling and analytical techniques and methods of interpretation; geochemical distributions in and around mineralized environments; and processes of geochemical dispersion in rocks, soils, vegetation, water and the atmosphere. Papers that seek to integrate geological, geochemical and geophysical methods of exploration are particularly welcome. Given the many links between exploration and environmental geochemistry, the journal encourages the exchange of concepts and data; in particular, to develop mineral resources while protecting the environment. Submission of Letters to the Editor is encouraged. This provides a means of commenting on papers that have been published in this journal.

The chief editor Gwendy Hall (Geological Survey of Canada) is supported by a board of specialist editors.

The journal is abstracted and/or indexed in:

  • AGI’s Bibliography and Index of Geology
  • Chemical Abstracts
  • Current Contents
  • Engineering Index
  • GeoRef
  • Mineralogical Abstracts
  • GeoArchive
  • Thomson ISI database (SCIE, CCIPC & ES)

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