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Past Meeting Resources


Accessible Fieldwork: Confronting Barriers to Inclusion

A joint meeting of the Geological Society, The Higher Education Network and The Committee of Heads of University Geosciences Departments, to discuss the design and delivery of fieldwork that is inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.

Higher Education NetworkHigher Education Network Annual Meeting 2014 (15 January 2014)

The 2014 HEN annual meeting was hosted by Keele University and had a theme of 'Transitions'. Dr Lara S. Blythe has written a report on the academic content of the meeting, available for download below.

Download the meeting report

Higher Education Network Annual Meeting 2013 (16 January 2013)

The 2013 HEN annual meeting invited teachers, students, practitioners, employers in the GEES disciplines to discuss a variety of aspects in GEES higher education, including new technologies, fresh approaches to teaching and learning, insights from teaching experiences and innovative solutions for teaching in a shifting educational climate employability.


Geospatial Technologies in Higher Education: Saviour or Sideshow? (18 January 2012)

Held by the Higher Education Network and the Department of Environment, Earth and Ecosystems at the Geological Society on 18 January 2012, this meeting provoked a lively, informed debate between teachers, students, practitioners, employers and other stakeholders on the merits or otherwise of geospatial technologies in the GEES disciplines. Should they be used in education at all? Are there effective strategies to introduce them, perhaps in particular situations such as fieldwork? Does the answer lie in a blend of the traditional and the technological? Or should we embrace these high-tech tools unreservedly, to ensure our students don’t lag behind modern professional practices?

The presentations from the event are available to download below:

Launch of the Network (19 January 2011)

An inaugural meeting jointly hosted with and supported by GEES was held on 19 January at Leeds. Two keynotes, eleven talks, a workshop, a panel discussion and several posters constituted a very full programme split into parallel sessions for part of the day. Just over 50 delegates were registered representing a wide range of institutions and included four industrial panel members. Full details are available at

The presentations from the launch event are available to download below: