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Chartership and Professional Information

Chartered Geologist

The Geological Society of London is the recognised UK professional body for geoscientists. It awards the professional qualification of Chartered Geologist (and the post nominal CGeol). The ‘Chartered’ designation indicates a professional practitioner with a high level of education, professional competence in their field of practice, a commitment to professional ethics and who is bound by a professional Code of Conduct. Chartered Geologist is appropriate for those fellows practicing as professional geoscientists and for whom geoscience knowledge is an essential element for the fulfilment of their role.

Chartered Scientist

The Society is one of a number of professional bodies licensed by the Science Council ( to award the title of Chartered Scientist (and the post nominal CSci). This qualification is appropriate for Fellows practicing as professional scientists and for whom scientific knowledge or practice at a professional level forms an essential element for the fulfilment of their role.
Both qualifications are of equal standing and many Fellows will fulfil the requirements for both CGeol and CSci

European Geologist

The Society is also licensed by the European Federation of Geologists to consider applications for the European Geologist title (and the post nominal EurGeol) in the UK. All who qualify for CGeol will have met the EurGeol requirements.

To ensure that Fellows with appropriate post-graduation experience can be validated as a Chartered geologist or Chartered Scientist the Society has published the following sets of regulations.

If you are interested in applying for one or both of these qualifications, or want to find out more about the reciprocal arrangements from which the Chartered Fellows benefit then go to one of the following links on the navigation menu (Apply for CGeolor Apply for CSci). If you wish to apply for both qualifications you will need to complete a separate application for each, though much, if not all, of the supporting documentation can be used for both applications. A list of FAQs explaining the application requirements for each title, and which might be most suitable for you, can be found in Chartership FAQs on the navigation menu.

Applications will be scrutinised by individuals selected from a pool of Validated Scrutineers (Fellows who are experienced CGeols/CScis at least one of whom will have an area of expertise that matches that claimed by the candidate). All candidates will also be required to attend a professional interview.

Eligibility to apply

Candidates that hold a First Degree or Master’s Degree Accredited by the Society will require fewer years of relevant experience before becoming eligible to apply for Chartership (either CGeol or CSci).

 CGeol CSci
You must have been an elected Fellow of the Society for at least three months prior to application
Hold a recognised Honours (H) degree or equivalent qualification in geoscience. Fellows without a geoscience degree are eligible for validation but they must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 15 years experience practising in geoscience.
Hold a recognised degree or equivalent qualification in science at Masters (M) level or have post-graduation experience to demonstrate M level.
A number of years relevant post-graduate experience in the profession and practice of geology (CGeol) or science (CSci) are required.

For the majority of applicants, the requirement will be for at least five years relevant post-graduation experience.
Be supported by two Fellows acting as sponsors who themselves have been validated as Chartered Geologists or Chartered Scientists.

Company Training Schemes

The Society has introduced a scheme for Accreditation of Company Training Schemes where it works in partnership with a company to ensure that on completion of their training the candidates may require a shorter time to become eligible for Chartership.

Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (RoGEP)

The Society offers the opportunity for appropriately trained and experienced Chartered Fellows to apply to be placed on the UK Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (see link to RoGEP in the navigation menu).

Full information on the application process, including all relevant application forms and guidance documents can be found by going to the Apply for CGeolor Apply for CScior Apply for EurGeol links in the navigation menu.

Queries on any of the above may be addressed to the Chartership Officer (Bill Gaskarth) who will be happy to help (