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Joint Committee for Palaeontology

Joint Commitee for Palaeontology


The Joint Committee for Palaeontology (JCP) is a joint liaison body of the Palaeontographical Society, Palaeontological Association, The Micropalaeontological Society and the Geological Society of London.

The primary function of JCP is to organise the annual Lyell meeting and to promote Palaeontology within the Earth Sciences.

The organisation of JCP rotates amongst the members, and the current chair is Professor Jane Francis (President, Palaeontological Association)

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The Lyell Meeting 2014 - Deep Sea Chemosynthetic Ecosystems

This meeting brought together geologists, marine biologists and ecologists, palaeontologists and geomicrobiologists to highlight recent achievements in our understanding of chemosynthetic ecosystems, past and present.

Older Lyell Meetings:

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