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Supporting Materials

Other organisations:

Publishing free Earth-related teaching ideas every two weeks, has practical resources for teachers and teacher-trainers all over the world.

Each activity is designed to create pupil participation for maximum learning and is deliberately aimed at classrooms with few resources.

A summary of external resources for teaching and learning the National Curriculum can be found at:

classroom-sieving.jpgRelevant publications include:

  • 'Teaching Earth Sciences' - the magazine of ESTA; issued 4 times a year
  • 'PSR' or Primary Science Review - the primary science journal of the ASE; issued 5 times a year
  • 'Science in school' - published by the EIROforum; issued 4 times a year


Latest Resources from the Geological Society:

Geoheritage fact sheet

New Fact Sheet on UK Geoheritage

In October 2014, the Society announced its list of 100 Great Geosites. Find out more about the geoheritage of the UK and Ireland, and why we have such an amazing range of geological sites.
Lesson Plans

New Lesson Plans

Read our new Lesson Plans for some classroom inspiration for Earth Science Week.

GSL Supporting materials

Energy Literacy

Free classroom resources from the American Geosciences Institute


An energy literate person knows how much energy they use and where it comes from, can make informed decisions and assess the credibility of information about energy.