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Uplift & Geological Time

Here are some multiple-choice questions to test your understanding:


1. Which of the following provides the best evidence that rocks have been uplifted?

Rounded grains in a sedimentary rock
Crystals in an igneous rock
Fossil sea-creatures found in rocks on a mountain-top

2. The cliff face in a quarry is made up of layers of limestone at the top and sandstone at the bottom. Both the limestone and the sandstone are cut through by a basalt dyke (igneous intrusion). Which is the youngest rock (the most recently formed)?


3. Which of the following can be helpful in telling us the age of a sedimentary rock?

The type of fossils that it contains
The composition of the minerals in the rock
The roundness of the grains in the rock

4. Conglomerate is a rock made up of rounded pebbles that have become cemented together. A sample of conglomerate from Scotland contains pebbles of granite. Which of the following is NOT true?

The granite pebbles were eroded from a much older rock than the conglomerate
The granite pebbles became rounded during transport
The granite pebbles are younger than the conglomerate

5. The age of the Earth is thought to be about:

4,600 years
4,600 billion years
46 thousand years

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Question 2 Diagram

Question 2 diagram
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