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ESTA Production of the Rock Cycle was overseen by the Education Committee of the Geological Society of London.

We are indebted to:
  • Writing team leader: Mick de Pomerai
  • Writing team: Becky Gould, Paul Gant, Justine Hope, Jane Ladson, Pete Loader, Carl Johnson, Ian Kenyon, Chris King, Mick de Pomerai, Dave Sanderson, Dave Turner.
  • Flash animator: Jonathan Harvey
And to ESTA for allowing the inclusion of content originally produced for ESTA resources/publications.


StatoilHydro We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of StatoilHydro.

Use of Images and Copyright

1. We are most grateful to the many contributors who have allowed us to use pictures, animations and video clips published elsewhere on the internet, or from their own collections. Where image sources (other than diagrams drawn or heavily adapted for use on this site) are known, they have been credited on the images concerned. Copyright remains with those sources, and no image on this website should be used for any commercial purpose. Teachers wishing to use materials within their own schools may do so.

We have made all reasonable efforts to contact sources for the images that we have used, not always successfully. We apologise unreservedly if we have unwittingly infringed copyright or incorrectly credited a source; if we have done so, please let us know immediately by emailing the Geological Society, so that permission may be arranged - or the relevant image(s) removed and/or replaced.

2. All other content is copyright of the Geological Society of London and reproduction is only permitted in accordance with the following terms:
  • You may view the website and download any part(s) of it to file or printer for a non-commercial purpose of private reference, research or study. You may not (a) store it or print out copies of it (or any part of it) other than for the purposes set out in this paragraph; or (b) reproduce, copy or transmit it (or any part of it) in any other way for any purpose or in any other medium, without the prior written permission of the Geological Society of London.
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