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Deformation & Metamorphism

Here are some multiple-choice questions to test your understanding:


1. The texture of a metamorphic rock like the one shown in the photo would be described as:


2. Movement along faults in the Earth’s crust causes:


3. Folds and thrusts usually form when the Earth’s crust undergoes:

Compression (squashing)
Tension (stretching)
Subsidence (sinking)

4. Metamorphic rocks rarely contain fossils because:

It is too hot for animals to survive
Re-crystallisation of the rock usually destroys fossils
Rocks are melted during metamorphism

5. When a rock is heated and re-crystallised close to an igneous intrusion, the effect is called:

Regional metamorphism
Contact metamorphism
Dislocation metamorphism

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Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic Rock
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