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Crystallisation of Magma

Here are some multiple-choice questions to test your understanding:


1. What difference is there between the composition of Lava and Magma?

Magma contains dissolved gases and lava does not
Magma is solid and lava is a liquid
Lava is solid and magma is a gas

2. Which type of magma is most likely to erupt effusively from a shield volcano?

Cool, viscous (sticky) magma
Hot, runny magma
Magma that has already partly crystallised below ground

3. An igneous rock that is fine-grained or glassy must have:

Crystallised slowly
Cooled rapidly after erupting from a volcano
Formed deep underground

4. A sheet-like intrusion formed as magma pushes in between layers of rock is called:

a Batholith
a Dyke
a Sill

5. A pyroclastic flow is formed when an explosive eruption produces a dense mixture of:

Hot gases and volcanic ash (shattered rock and pumice)
Water and volcanic ash
Water and lava

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