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Petroleum Geology of North Africa

Product Code: SP132
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D.S. Macgregor (BP, Indonesia), T.J. Moody (Moody-Sandman Associates) and D.Clark-Lowes (Imperial College, University of London)
Publication Date: 11 July 2001
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This title is out of print. Content can be viewed electronically in the Lyell Collection (by subscription or pay-per-view).

North Africa contains 4% of the World's remaining oil and gas reserves, and is now one of the most active exploration areas. Included are papers on the petroleum geology of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and the western part of Egypt. The book aims to increase the level of information for such a major petroleum province and to help with the use of analogues between North Africa and other areas.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-004-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-004-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 442
Weight: 1.16 kg


Introduction • Palaeozoic/Subsalt regional papers • Palaeozoic petroleum systems of North Africa • Exploration History of the Palaeozoic Petroleum Systems of North Africa • Giant fields, petroleum systems and exploration maturity of Algeria • Palaeozoic lithofacies correlatives and sequence stratigraphy of the Saharan Platform, Algeria • Geology & hydrocarbon occurrences in the Ghadames Basin, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya • An investigation of the thermal history of the Ahnet and Reggane Basins, Central Algeria, and the consequences for hydrocarbon generation and accumulation • Palaeozoic reservoirs and fields • Lower Palaeozoic reservoirs of North Africa • Sedimentological and diagenetic controls on Cambro-Ordovician reservoir quality in the Southern Hassi-Messaoud Area (Saharan Platform, Algeria) • Controls on hydrocarbon occurrence and productivity in the F6 reservoir, Tin Fouyé - Tabankort Area, N. W. Illizi Basin • Sedimentological Evolution of the Givetian-Eifelian (F3) Sand Bar of the West Alrar Field, Illizi Basin, Algeria • Mesozoic-Cenozoic regional papers • Mesozoic and Cenozoic petroleum systems of North Africa • Mesozoic rifting and basin inversion along the Northern African Tethyan Margin: An overview • Late Permian to Recent magmatic activity on the African-Arabian Margin of Tethys • Tectonic controls on the petroleum geology of North East Africa • An overview of the petroleum systems of Morocco • Mesozoic reservoirs and fields • Application of fault seal analysis in the western desert, Egypt • Trap architecture of the Early Cretaceous Sarir Sandstone in the Eastern Sirt Basin, Libya • The influence of platform morphology and sea level on the development of a carbonate sequence - the Harash Formation, Eastern Sirt Basin, Libya • Regional depositional setting & pore network systems of the El Garia Formation (Metlaoui Group, Lower Eocene) - offshore Tunisia • Basin evolution and deposition during the Early Paleocene in Tunisia • The atlas fold belt • The thin skinned style of the South Atlas Front in Central Algeria • The structural evolution of the Zaghouan - Ressas Structural Belt, Northern Tunisia • Critical factors in the exploration of an Atlas Intramontane Basin - the Western Hodna Basin of northern Algeria


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