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Palaeosurfaces: Recognition, Reconstruction & Palaeoenvironmental Interpretation

Product Code: SP120
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Widdowson (Open University, UK)
Publication Date: 30 January 1997
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Palaeosurfaces is an area where geologists and geomorphologists can combine their expertise to provide a more holistic treatment of the processes that helped shape the face of the Earth. This volume presents a cross-disciplinary study of the evolution, reconstruction and palaeoenvironmental interpretation of ancient palaeosurfaces. Topics include palaeoenvironmental studies involving lateritization and bauxitization, palaeokarstification, geochemistry of rock alteration and the identification of ancient palaeosurface elements in both glaciated and tropical terrains.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-57-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-57-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 474
Weight: 0.90 kg


The geomorphological and geological importance of palaeosurfaces • The great age of some Australian landforms: examples of, and possible explanations for, landscape longevity • Analysis of digital elevation data from the Scottish highlands and recognition of pre--Quaternary elevated surfaces • A pre-Pliocene or Pliocene landsurface in County Galway, Ireland • Geochemical trends in Early Tertiary palaeosols from northeast Ireland: a statistical approach to assess element behaviour during weathering • Palaeosurface palynology of the Skye Lava Field, and the age of the British Tertiary Volcanic Province • Palaeosurfaces and associated saprolites in southern Sweden • Preservation of palaeolandforms in glaciated areas: examples from the French W. Alps • Rock weathering in blockfields: some preliminarty data from mountain plateaus in north Norway • Environmental interpretation and evolution of the Tertiary erosion surfaces in the Iberian Range (Spain) • Environmental changes during the Tertiary: the example of palaeoweathering residues in central Spain • Palaeoweathering profiles developed on the Iberian hercynian basement and their relationship to the oldest Tertiary surface in central and western Spain • Tertiary etchsurfaces in the Sudetes Mountains, SW Poland: a contribution to the pre-Quaternary morphology of Central Europe • Neogene palaeosurfaces in the volcanic area of central Slovakia • Tertiary palaeosurfaces of the SW Deccan, Western India: implications for passive margin uplift • Topography, palaeosurfaces and denudation over the Karnataka uplands, southern India • The geochemistry of Indian bole horizons: palaeoenvironmental implications of Deccan intravolcanic palaeosurfaces • Remote sensing for mapping palaeosurfaces on the basis of surficial chemistry: a mixed pixel approach • The geochemistry of bench and footslope laterites, Sierra Leone • High-altitude palaeosurfaces in the Bolivian Andes: evidence for late Cenozoic surface uplift


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