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Tectonic Evolution of Southeast Asia

Product Code: SP106
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R. Hall and D.J. Blundell
Publication Date: 01 March 1996
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This title is out of print. It is available electronically via the Lyell Collection.

SE Asia is probably the finest natural geological laboratory in the world yet is still not geologically well known. It is a spectacular region in which the manifestations and processes of plate collision can be observed at present and in which their history is recorded. It is a region that must be understood if we are to understand mountain belts, arc development, marginal basin evolution and, more generally, the behaviour of the lithosphere in collision settings. Furthermore, the region is developing rapidly on the economic front, and a major part of this rapid development is built on natural resources. The geological reasons for the distribution of these resources are therefore of major importance for the inhabitants of the region and for any attempts to discover and exploit them.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-52-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-52-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 584
Weight: 1.39 kg


Tectonic evolution of SE Asia: introduction ? Part 1: Present-day tectonics ? Slip partitioning at convergent plate boundaries of SE Asia ? The Sumatra margin: oblique subduction and lateral displacement of the accretionary prism ? Collision and strike-slip faulting in the northern Molucca Sea (Philippines and Indonesia): preliminary results of a morphotectonic study ? Geophysical evidence for local indentor tectonics in the Banda arc east of Timor ? Detailed processing of seismic reflection data from the frontal part of the Timor trough accretionary wedge, eastern Indonesia ? Extension, collision and curvature in the eastern Banda arc ? Part 2: Tectonic development of Southeast Asia ? Pre-Cretaceous evolution of SE Asian terranes ? Cenzoic SE Asia: reconstructing its aggregation and reorganization ? Reconstructing Cenozoic SE Asia ? Contrasting tectonic styles in the Neogene orogenic belts of Indonesia ? Palaeomagnetism of the Sibumasu and Indochina blocks: implications for the extrusion tectonic model ? Timing of the Shan-Thai-Indochina collision: new evidence from the Pak Lay Foldbelt of the Lao PDR ? Mid-Cretaceous inversion in the Northern Khorat Plateau of Lao PDR and Thailand ? The 'Rajang accretionary prism' and 'Lupar Line' problem of Borneo ? Origin and tectonic signficance of the metamorphic rocks associated with the Darvel Bay Ophiolite, Sabah, Malaysia ? Role of pre-Tertiary fracture in formation and development of the Malay and Penyu basins ? Changes in tectonic stress field in northern Sunda Shelf basins ? Far-field and gravity tectonics in Niocene basins of Sabah, Malaysia ? Mesozoic and Cenozoic plutonic evolution of SE Asia: evidence from Sumatra, Indonesia ? The Mentawai fault zone and deformation of the Sumatran Forearc in the Nias area ? Tectonic evolution of the Bantimala Complex, South Sulawesi, Indonesia ? The Tertiary evolution of South Sulawesi: a record in redeposited carbonates of the Tonasa Limestone Formation ? Tertiary tectonic and magmatic evolution of western Sulawesi and the Makassar Strait, Indonesia: evidence for a Miocene continent-continent collision ? SE Sundaland accretion: palaeomagnetic evidence of large Plio-Pleistocene thin-skin rotations in Buton ? Pb and N isotope constraints on the provenance of tectonically dispersed continental fragments in east Indonesia ? 40Ar/39Ar constraints on obduction of the Seram ultramafic complex: consequences for the evolution of the Southern Banda Sea ? Correlation of the Salawati and Tomori Basins, eastern Indonesia: a constraint on left-lateral displacements of the Sorong fault zone ? The geology and tectonic evolution of the Bacan region, east Indonesia ? Dating of Neogene igneous rocks in the halmahera region: arc initiation and development ? Docking and post-docking escape tectonics in the southern Philippines ? Thermochronolgoical and geochemical constraints on the tectonic evolution of northern Papua New Guinea ? Gondwana origin of the Baoshan and Tengchong terranes of west Yunnan ? Early Mesozoic orogeny in Fujian southeast China


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