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Sequence Stratigraphy In British Geology

Product Code: SP103
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S. P. Hesselbo and D. N.Parkinson
Publication Date: 04 March 1996
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The papers in this volume cover surface and subsurface rocks from a wide range of stratigraphic ages and sedimentary environment, but in addressing the application of sequence stratigraphy to British geology, this book focuses on diverse aspects of sequence stratigraphy that tend to cut across divisions based on depositional environments or age alone. 

There are two main themes that run through most of the papers in this volume. (1) Biostratigraphical control is commonly so good in much of Britain that precise correlations are possible within and between basins. For this reason, many of the British outcrop sections serve as standards that can be compared to other areas around the world. (2) Many geologists have to work with the rocks they are given, rather than the rocks they would interpret by choice. Many, perhaps all, of the successions described in this volume may rightly be considered as difficult to interpret. However, as is demonstrated, sequence stratigraphical ideas can cast new light on problematic facies, and in return problematic facies can offer critical insights into the sequence stratigraphical model. 


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-49-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-49-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 288
Weight: 0.75 kg


HESSELBO, S. P. & PARKlNSON, D. N. Sequence stratigraphy in British Geology • Non-marine and paralic sequences • BURGESS, P. M. & ALLEN, P. A. A forward-modelling analysis of the controls on sequence strati graphical geometries • LEEDER, M. R. & STEWART, M. D. Fluvial incision and sequence stratigraphy: alluvial responses to relative sea-level fall and their detection in the geological record • WONHAM, J. P. & ELLIOT, T. High-resolution sequence stratigraphy of a mid-Cretaceous estuarine complex: the Woburn Sands of the Leighton Buzzard area, southern England • WRIGHT, V. P. The use of palaeosols in sequence stratigraphy of peritidal carbonates • Shallow marine sequences • TYSON, R. V. Sequence stratigraphical interpretation of organic facies vanatIons in marine siliciclastic systems: general principles and application to the onshore Kimmeridge Clay Formation, UK • MACQUAKER, J. H. S., TAYLOR, K. G., YOUNG, T. P. & CURTIS, c. D. Sedimentological and geochemical controls on ooidal ironstone and 'bone-bed' formation and some comments on their sequence stratigraphical significance • COE, A. L. Unconfonnities within the Portlandian Stage of the Wessex Basin and their sequence­stratigraphical significance • Deep marine sequences • SHANMUGAM, G. BLOCH, R. B., MlTCHELL, S. M., DAMUTH, J. E., BEAMISH, G. W. J., HODGKlNSON, R. J., STRAUME, T., SYVERTSEN, S. E. & SHIELDS, K. E. Slump and debris-flow dominated basin­floor fans in the North Sea: an evaluation of conceptual sequence stratigraphical models based on conventional core data • GALE, A. Turonian correlation and sequence stratigraphy of the Chalk in southern England • WOODCOCK, N. H., BUTLER, A. J., DAVIES, J. R. & WATERS, R. A. Sequence stratigraphical analysis of late Ordovician and early Silurian depositional systems in the Welsh Basin: a critical assessment • Regional studies • KNOX, R. W. O'B. Tectonic controls on sequence development in the Palaeocene and earliest Eocene of southeast England: implications for North Sea stratigraphy • PARKlNSON, D. N. Gamma-ray spectrometry as a tool for stratigraphical interpretation: examples from the western European Lower Jurassic • GLOVER, B. W. & McKIE, T. A sequence strati graphical approach to the understanding of basin history in orogenic Neoproterozoic successions: an example from the central Highlands of Scotland • Index 


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