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The Role of Tectonics in Devonian & Carboniferous Sedimentation in British Isles

Product Code: MPB03
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: Edited by R S Arthurton, P Gutteridge & S Nolan
Publication Date: 01 January 1989
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Published by the Yorkshire Geological Society jointly with the British Sedimentological Research Group.

The hypothesis that tectonism exerted a major influence on sedimentation in the British Isles during the Devonian an Carboniferous has been advanced by many geologists and is widely accepted. Controversy, however, exists regarding the extent, style, mechanism and exact timing of this tectonism. A large number of models and variants of models exist, from a local to the plate tectonic scale.

Syn-sedimentary tectonism is not the only hypothesis which has been proposed to explain variation in the Devonian and Carboniferous rocks of the British Isles. Sedimentary and climatic processes and eustatic changes in sea level have also been proposed. In some cases these various hypotheses have been invoked for the same set of rocks by advocates favouring one or two theories over the others.

Of the various main hypotheses, those on syn-sedimentary tectonism appear to be the most amenable to testing, utilising recent advances in geological techniques, particularly in sedimentology, basin analysis and biostratigraphy. By determining the style and timing on syn-sedimentary fault movements and local crustal tilting and warping, further light might be shed on the possible controls invoked by other hypotheses.

Papers include case histories from Ireland, England, the Midland Valley of Scotland and South Wales: studies taking sedimentary basins as a whole and examining the interaction of sedimentation, subsidence and deformation during their evolution; and larger-scale discussions on the tectonic setting of basin development during the Devono-Carboniferous. Additionally, two papers, citing case histories from the Carboniferous of northern England, were concerned with the problems of distinguishing the effects of tectonism from those due to other influences on sedimentation.

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Publisher: Distributed by GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 258
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Preface • Regional Synthesis Late Devonian and Dinantian basin evolution in northern England and North Wales, R L Gawthorpe, P Gutteridge and M R Leeder • Evidence against crustal stretching, north-south tension and Hercynian collision, forming British Carboniferous basins, R S Haszeldine • Ireland • Role of the Dingle Bay Lineament in the evolution of the Old Red Sandstone of south-west Ireland, S P Todd • Intra-Dinantian tectonic activity on the Curlew Fault, north-west Ireland, M E Philcox, G D Sevastopulo and C V MacDermot • The mid-Dinantian unconformity at Navan, Ireland, M E Philcox • The style and timing of the Dinantian syn-sedimentary tectonics in the eastern part of the Dublin Basin, Ireland, S C Nolan • Subsidence history of the South Munster Basin, Ireland, D Naylor, G D Sevastopulo and A G Sleeman • Some thoughts on the subsidence and evolution of the Muster Basin, southern Ireland C A Price • Tectonic controls and sedimentary response in the Devonian-Carboniferous Munster and South Munster basins, south-west Ireland, E A Williams, M L F Bamford, M A Cooper, H E Edwards, M Ford, G G Grant, I A J MacCarthy, A M McAfee and M J O?Sullivan • Scotland• The interplay of sedimentation, volcanicity and tectonics in the Passage Group(Arnsbergian, E2 to Westphalian A) in the Midland Valley of Scotland, W A Read • England • The relative roles of tectonism and eustacy in the deposition of the Urswick Limestone in south Cumbria and north Lancashire, A D Horbury • Controls on carbonate sedimentation in a Brigabtian intrashelf basin (Derbyshire), P Gutteridge • Modelling the role of differential compaction and tectonics upon Westphalian facies architecture in the Northumberland Basin, R E Ll Collier • Evidence of syn-depositional tectonic activity in the Westphalian A and B of West Yorkshire, J R A Giles • Sedimentary and tectonic evolution of the Northumberland Basin, M R Leeder, D Fairhead, A Lee, G Stuart, H Cleemey, B El-Haddaheh and C Green • Wales • Tectonics and sedimentation of the late Dinantian limestones in South West Wales, A T S Ramsay • The influence of contemporaneous tectonic activity on Westphalian sedimentation in the South Wales Coalfield, J Jones • Index


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