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The Geological Record of Neoproterozoic Glaciations

Product Code: M0036
Series: GSL Memoirs - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by E Arnaud, G P Halverson and G Shields-Zhou
Publication Date: 16 November 2011
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Memoir 36

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In recent years, interest in Neoproterozoic glaciations has grown as their pivotal role in Earth system evolution has become increasingly clear. One of the main goals of the IGCP Project number 512 was to produce a synthesis of newly available information on Neoproterozoic successions worldwide similar in format to Hambrey & Harland’s (1981) Earth’s pre Pleistocene Glacial Record. This Memoir therefore consists of a series of overview chapters followed by site-specific chapters. The overview chapters cover key topics including the history of research on Neoproterozoic glaciations, identification of glacial deposits, chemostratigraphic techniques and datasets, palaeomagnetism, biostratigraphy, geochronology and climate modelling. The site specific chapters for 60 successions worldwide include reviews of the history of research on these rocks and up-to-date syntheses of the structural framework, tectonic setting, palaeomagnetic and geochronological constraints, physical, biological, and chemical stratigraphy, and descriptions of the glaciogenic and associated strata, including economic deposits

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-334-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 752
Weight: 3.0 kg


List of Reviewers

Introductory chapters

ARNAUD, E., HALVERSON, G. P. & SHIELDS-ZHOU, G. The geological record of Neoproterozoic ice ages
HOFFMAN, P. F. A history of Neoproterozoic glacial geology, 1871–1997
ARNAUD, E. & ETIENNE, J. L. Recognition of glacial influence in Neoproterozoic sedimentary successions
HALVERSON, G. P. & SHIELDS-ZHOU, G. Chemostratigraphy and the Neoproterozoic glaciations
HOFFMAN, P. F., MACDONALD, F. A. & HALVERSON, G. P. Chemical sediments associated with Neoproterozoic glaciation: iron formation, cap carbonate, barite and phosphorite
BAHLBURG, H. & DOBRZINSKI, N. A review of the Chemical Index of Alteration (CIA) and its application to the study of Neoproterozoic glacial deposits and climate transitions
EVANS, D. A. D. & RAUB, T. D. Neoproterozoic glacial Palaeolatitudes: a global update
GREY, K., HILL, A. C. & CALVER, C. Biostratigraphy and stratigraphic subdivision of Cryogenian successions of Australia in a global context
CONDON, D. J. & BOWRING, S. A. A user’s guide to Neoproterozoic geochronology
GODDÉRIS, Y., LE HIR, G. & DONNADIEU, Y. Modelling the snowball Earth


SHIELDS-ZHOU, G. A., DEYNOUX, M. & OCH, L. The record of Neoproterozoic glaciation in the Taoudéni Basin, NW Africa
MASTER, S. & WENDORFF, M. Neoproterozoic Glaciogenic Diamictites of the Katanga Supergroup, Central Africa
TAIT, J., DELPOMDOR, F., PRÉAT, A., TACK, L., STRAATHOF, G. & NKULA, V. K. Neoproterozoic sequences of the West Congo and Lindi/Ubangi Supergroups in the Congo Craton, Central Africa
HOFFMAN, P. F. Glaciogenic and associated strata of the Otavi carbonate platform and foreslope, Northern Namibia: evidence for large base-level and glacioeustatic changes
PRAVE, A. R., HOFFMANN, K.-H., HEGENBERGER, W. & FALLICK, A. E. The Witvlei Group of East-Central Namibia
FRIMMEL, H. E. The Chameis Gate Member, Chameis Group, Marmora Terrane, Namibia
FRIMMEL, H. E. The Kaigas and Numees Formations, Port Nolloth Group, in South Africa and Namibia
FRIMMEL, H. E. The Karoetjes Kop and Bloupoort Formations, Gifberg Group, South Africa

Eurasia-Nubian shield

ALLEN, P. A., RIEU, R., ETIENNE, J. L., MATTER, A. & COZZI, A. The Ayn Formation of the Mirbat Group, Dhofar, Oman
ALLEN, P. A., LEATHER, J., BRASIER, M. D., RIEU, R., MCCARRON, M., LE GUERROUE´ , E., ETIENNE, J. L. & COZZI, A. The Abu Mahara Group (Ghubrah and Fiq Formations), Jabal Akhdar, Oman
MILLER, N. R., AVIGAD, D., STERN, R. J. & BEYTH, M. The Tambien Group, Northern Ethiopia (Tigre)
STERN, R. J., JOHNSON, P. R., ALI, K. A. & MUKHERJEE, S. K. Evidence for Early and Mid-Cryogenian glaciation in the Northern Arabian–Nubian Shield (Egypt, Sudan, and western Arabia)
CHUMAKOV, N. M. Glacial deposits of the Bokson Group, East Sayan Mountains, Buryatian Republic, Russian Federation
CHUMAKOV, N. M. The Neoproterozoic glacial formations of the North and Middle Urals
CHUMAKOV, N. M. Glacial deposits of the Nichatka Formation, Chara River basin and review of Upper Precambrian diamictites of Central Siberia
CHUMAKOV, N. M. Glacial deposits of the Baykonur Formation, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
CHUMAKOV, N. M., POKROVSKY, B. G. & MELEZHIK, V. A. The glaciogenic Bol’shoy Patom Formation, Lena River, central Siberia
SOVETOV, J. K. Late Neoproterozoic (Vendian) glaciogenic deposits in the Marnya Formation, Oselok Group, in the foothills of the East Sayan Range, southwestern Siberian Craton
MACDONALD, F. A. The Tsagaan Oloom Formation, Southwestern Mongolia
MACDONALD, F. A. & JONES, D. S. The Khubsugul Group, Northern Mongolia
ETIENNE, J. L., ALLEN, P. A., LE GUERROUE´ , E., HEAMAN, L., GHOSH, S. K.& ISLAM, R. The Blaini Formation of the Lesser Himalaya, NW India
ZHANG, Q.-R., CHU, X.-L. & FENG, L.-J. Neoproterozoic glacial records in the Yangtze Region, China
ZHU, M. & WANG, H. Neoproterozoic glaciogenic diamictites of the Tarim Block, NW China

North America

MACDONALD, F. A. The Hula Hula Diamictite and Katakturuk Dolomite, Arctic Alaska
MACDONALD, F. A. & COHEN, P. A. The Tatonduk inlier, Alaska-Yukon border
HOFFMAN, P. F. & HALVERSON, G. P. Neoproterozoic glacial record in the Mackenzie Mountains, northern Canadian Cordillera
SMITH, M. D., ARNAUD, E., ARNOTT, R. W. C. (Bill) & ROSS, G. M. The Record of Neoproterozoic Glaciations in the Windermere Supergroup, southern Canadian Cordillera
LINK, P. K. & CHRISTIE-BLICK, N. Neoproterozoic strata of Southeastern Idaho and Utah: record of Cryogenian rifting and glaciation
LUND, K., ALEINIKOFF, J. N. & EVANS, K. V. The Edwardsburg Formation and related rocks, Windermere Supergroup, central Idaho, USA
MROFKA, D. & KENNEDY, M. The Kingston Peak Formation in the eastern Death Valley Region
PETTERSON, R., PRAVE, A. R. & WERNICKE, B. P. Glaciogenic and related strata of the Neoproterozoic Kingston Peak Formation in the Panamint Range, Death Valley Region, California
CARTO, S. L. & EYLES, N. The deep-marine glaciogenic Gaskiers Formation, Newfoundland, Canada
CARTO, S. L. & EYLES, N. The Squantum Member of the Boston Basin, Massachusetts, USA

South America

CHEW, D. & KIRKLAND, C. The Chiquerío Formation, southern Peru
ALVARENGA, C. J. S., BOGGIANI, P. C., BABINSKI, M., DARDENNE, M. A., FIGUEIREDO, M. F., DANTAS, E. L., UHLEIN, A., SANTOS, R. V.,SIAL, A. N. & TROMPETTE, R. Glacially influenced sedimentation of the Puga Formation, Cuiabá Group and Jacadigo Group, and associated carbonates of the Araras and Corumbá groups, Paraguay Belt, Brazil
FIGUEIREDO, M. F., BABINSKI, M. & ALVARENGA, C. J. S. The Serra Azul Formation, Paraguay Belt, Brazil
GUIMARÄES, J. T., MISI, A., PEDREIRA, A. J. & DOMINGUEZ, J. M. L. The Bebedouro Formation, Una Group, Bahia (Brazil)
MISI, A., KAUFMAN, A. J., AZMY, K., DARDENNE, M. A., SIAL, A. N. & DE OLIVEIRA, T. F. Neoproterozoic successions of the São Francisco
Craton, Brazil: The Bambuí, Una, Vazante and Vaza Barris/Miaba groups and their glaciogenic deposits
PEDROSA-SOARES, A. C., BABINSKI, M., NOCE, C., MARTINS, M., QUEIROGA, G. & VILELA, F. The Neoproterozoic Macau´bas Group (Arac¸ua?´ orogen, SE Brazil) with emphasis on the diamictite formations
ROCHA-CAMPOS, A. C., DE BRITO NEVES, B. B., BABINSKI, M., DOS SANTOS, P. R., DE OLIVEIRA, S. M. B. & ROMANO, A. Moema Laminites: a newly recognized Neoproterozoic (?) glaciogenic unit São Francisco Basin, Brazil
UHLEIN, A., ALVARENGA, C. J. S., DARDENNE, M. A. & TROMPETTE, R. R. The Glaciogenic Jequitaí Formation, Southeastern Brazil
PAZOS, P. J., RAPALINI, A. E., BETTUCCI, L. S. & TÓFALO, O. R. The Playa Hermosa Formation, Playa Verde Basin, Uruguay
PECOITS, E., GINGRAS, M. K. & KONHAUSER, K. O. Las Ventanas and San Carlos formations, Maldonado Group, Uruguay
PAZOS, P. J. & RAPALINI, A. The controversial stratigraphy of the glacial deposits in the Tandilia System, Argentina


HALVERSON, G. P. Glacial sediments and associated strata of The Polarisbreen Group, Northeastern Svalbard
STOUGE, S., CHRISTIANSEN, J. L., HARPER, D. A. T., HOUMARK-NIELSEN, M., KRISTIANSEN, K., MACNIOCAILL, C. & BUCHARDT-WESTERGÅRD, B. Neoproterozoic (Cryogenian–Ediacaran) deposits in North-East Greenland
RICE, A. H. N., EDWARDS, M. B., HANSEN, T. A., ARNAUD, E. & HALVERSON, G. P. Glaciogenic rocks of the Neoproterozoic Smalfjord and Mortensnes Formations, Vestertana Group, E. Finnmark, Norway
STODT, F., RICE, A. H. N., BJÖRKLUND, L., BAX, G., HALVERSON, G. P. & PHARAOH, T. C. Evidence of late Neoproterozoic glaciation in the Caledonides of NW Scandinavia
NYSTUEN, J. P. & LAMMINEN, J. T. Neoproterozoic glaciation of South Norway: from continental interior to rift and pericratonic basins in western Baltica
KUMPULAINEN, R. A. & GREILING, R. O. Evidence for late Neoproterozoic glaciation in the central Scandinavian Caledonides
KUMPULAINEN, R. A. The Neoproterozoic glaciogenic Lillfjället Formation, southern Swedish Caledonides
ARNAUD, E. & FAIRCHILD, I. J. The Port Askaig Formation, Dalradian Supergroup, Scotland
PRAVE, A. R. & FALLICK, A. E. The Neoproterozoic glaciogenic deposits of Scotland and Ireland


CALVER, C. R. Neoproterozoic glacial deposits of Tasmania
CORKERON, M. Neoproterozoic Glacial Deposits of the Kimberly Region and northwestern Northern Territory, Australia
GOSTIN, V. A., MCKIRDY, D. M., WEBSTER, L. J. & WILLIAMS, G. E. Mid-Ediacaran ice-rafting in the Adelaide Geosyncline and Officer Basin, South Australia
HILL, A. C., HAINES, P. W. & GREY, K. Neoproterozoic glacial deposits of central Australia
JENKINS, R. J. F. Billy Springs Glaciation, South Australia
PREISS, W. V., GOSTIN, V. A., MCKIRDY, D. M., ASHLEY, P. M., WILLIAMS, G. E. & SCHMIDT, P. W. The glacial succession of Sturtian age in South Australia – the Yudnamutana Subgroup
WILLIAMS, G. E., GOSTIN, V. A., MCKIRDY, D. M., PREISS, W. V. & SCHMIDT, P. W. The Elatina glaciation (late Cryogenian), South Australia



Review featured in Geologos 18, 3 (2012): 211–220
Review by Prof. Dr hab. A.J. (Tom) van Loon,Geological Institute, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

Whatever may be true, more research will in due time, almost inevitably, result in the finds of Neoproterozoic glacial material at hitherto unknown sites. This implies that even a work like this will never be the ultimate source of knowledge about its subject. Nevertheless, this book should be considered as a monumental volume that will act as a benchmark for a long time, probably some decades. As such, the edi¬tors have certainly reached their objective of preparing a high-quality successor of Ham¬brey & Harlands (1981) ’Bible’. It contains good texts, technically perfect and commonly most useful line drawings, but surprisingly few photographs.

The book is not cheap, but considering its 735 pages, its large size (the book will be too heavy for non-motorised fieldworkers) and its contents, the price is certainly not too high; in fact, very reasonable.

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