Plate tectonics of the UK

Q1. How has the position of the UK changed over the last 700 million years?

Q2. Which fold mountain belt can be seen to run in a continuous chain if the UK, Scandinavia, Greenland and North America are fitted back together?

Q3. Which one of the following land masses was not part of Gondwanaland 250 million years ago?

Q4. The name of the supercontinent that existed 300 million years ago

Q5. Name the supercontinent that existed approximately 1 billion years ago

Q6. Which part of the UK shows evidence of a divergent (constructive) boundary 57million years ago?

Q7. Which geological features in the UK were formed as a result of the Alpine Orogeny when Africa collided with Europe?

Q8. Which one of the following provides the best evidence for a subduction zone in South West England 300 million years ago?