Drag and Drop Exercises

A Drag and Drop exercise is available for each of the 7 animated examples that are described in the Plate Margins section.

You can access the 7 examples from the Plate Tectonics homepage by clicking on the purple pins numbered 1 - 7 on the world map, or from the Plate Margins section of the site.

When you are sure you have understood the features of each of the seven types of tectonic environments, have a go at placing the correct labels on the diagrams in this section using your mouse. Your score will be revealed at the end. The diagrams are all taken from the animations.

But beware…not all the answers are contained in the Plate Margins section – some of the features are included in other parts of this website.  So you will need to read and understand all the sections to get top marks.

You may also like to try the anagrams, multiple choice questions or crossword in the Test Your Knowledge section.

Good luck!

Divergent Margin

Triple Junction

Convergent: oceanic-continental

Convergent: continental-continental

Convergent: oceanic-oceanic

Conservative Margin

Mid-plate Activity