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Igneous Rocks in Britain

Isle of Skye Gabbro hills in the Isle of Skye, a large intrusion formed about 50 million years ago.
Isle of Staffa Lava flow on the Isle of Staffa, formed about 50 million years ago as the Atlantic ocean began to open.
Igneous rock map of Britain
Whin Sill Cliffs along the edge of the Whin Sill, an igneous intrusion around 350 million years old. The Romans built Hadrian’s Wall along this natural line of defence.
Pillow Lava in Cornwall Pillow Lava in Cornwall, formed on the sea floor almost 450 million years ago.
Dartmoor Granite Granite tor, Dartmoor: part of a large intrusion formed 300 million years ago.
Basalt Dyke Basalt dyke, Isle of Man, formed as magma rose through a crack in the rock as the crust stretched about 50 million years ago.
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