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William Smith County Maps

William Smith Map Prints

William Smith county maps are now available from our Online Bookshop.
Choose from individual 53x62cm prints of 21 counties originally published between 1819 & 1824. View the range here.

Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain

The online bookshop now stocks a range of notebooks from Rite in the Rain. Each notebook is made up of a patented environmentally responsible, all-weather writing paper that sheds water.

Geology of Series

The 'Geology of' Series…

Discover The Geological Society's ‘Geology of’ series. Click to view a list of the available titles.


Geology of the D-Day Landings in Normandy, 1944

E P F Rose and C Pareyn

The planning and operational phases of Operation ‘Neptune’, the Allied amphibious and airborne landings on the coast of Normandy that began on 6 June 1944 - D-Day - provide a particularly well-documented case history of the influence of geology and of geologists on important aspects of British military activities during the Second World War. Find out more.

Late Cenozoic Environments and Hominid Evolution: a tribute to Bill Bishop

Peter Andrews and Peter Banham

"The first two sections of the volume will be of great interest to anyone researching the archaeology and palaeonenvironments relating to hominoid and hominid evolution since the Early Miocene in East Africa." Find out more.

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Gold-Transporting Hydrothermal Fluids in the Earth's Crust View description.


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