Read all the latest news in Issue 404 of our fortnightly Society newsletter.
Geological Society newsletter - Issue 404
Wednesday 21 April 2021
Welcome to Issue 404 of the fortnightly Geological Society newsletter. 

  • Year of Space: Register for the next two upcoming lectures on Venus and Mars
  • Policy: An explanation on geoscience and a hydrogen economy
  • Scientific Themes: Launch of our Geohazards, Geoengineering and Georesilience theme 
  • Education: We're recruiting for an Education Intern
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YEAR OF SPACE/ Venus and Mars lectures

Join us as we journey through our fascinating programme of lectures for our Year of Space 2021. Coming up next are the following free of charge virtual events:
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POLICY/ Read our latest policy explainer ‘Geoscience and a hydrogen economy’

The decarbonisation of electricity production, industry, transport and heating to meet both UK and international climate change targets is a major challenge, and geoscience has an important role to play.

Read our latest policy and technology explainer on the role of geoscience in achieving a hydrogen economy, an attractive low-carbon alternative to hydrocarbons.
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SCIENTIFIC THEMES/ Geohazards, Geoengineering and Georesilience

The second of five new scientific themes has recently been launched - Geohazards, Geoengineering and Georesilience - and will be led by Anna Hicks and supported by Aggie Georgiopoulou and Irene Manzella. 

Our first scientific theme Energy Transition also continues, along with our themed year programme featuring the Year of Space in 2021 and the Year of Sustainability in 2022.
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EDUCATION/ We are hiring!
The Education department is recruiting an Intern on a six-month basis to support the Education Officer during the delivery of the Year of Space education programme.

The successful candidate will work from home initially, but will be required to work in Burlington House from late summer to early October.

Applications close on 28 April 2021Visit our website to find out more and to apply.

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EVENTS/ Upcoming events

These events will be held virtually.
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GENERAL/ Earth Day - 22 April 2021 

Since 1970 Earth Day has aimed to diversify, educate and activate support for the environment. Mark Earth Day 2021 by speaking with someone about how important geosciences are to environmental understanding and protection.

If you need some inspiration, check out our poster ‘Geoscience for the Future’!

Spread the word, inspire thought, and help protect our planet.
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LIBRARY/ New blog post - The First Dinosaurs' Dinner!

As restaurants start to reopen in parts of the UK for al fresco dining, our Map Librarian Paul Johnson, remembers a very special dining event from the past - one which has become a legendary moment in the history of palaeontology and of science.

Visit our blog to discover the true story behind the events of New Year’s Eve 1853, and what led to the fabled dinner in the Iguanodon at the Crystal Palace Park.

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