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Geological Society newsletter - Issue 391
Friday 26 February 2021
Welcome to Issue 400 of the fortnightly Geological Society newsletter. 

  • Society: Save Burlington House campaign, Council elections and candidate statements
  • Year of Space: Register for our next exciting planetary lecture - The Geology of Mercury
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Join our virtual webinar - Creating inclusive fieldwork
  • Events: Sign up for our March public lecture and our next Geohazards online training event
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President Mike Daly’s letter sent by email to the Fellowship on 29 January 2021 provided an update on our occupancy of Burlington House.

The letter referred to a ‘public campaign to secure our future at Burlington House’, and the campaign launches today, Friday 26 February.

To support the campaign, visit our website.
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Fellows should now have received voting information from – independent ballot service provider Civica Election Services (CES). Postal ballots should be expected by 22 February. If there are any difficulties casting your vote, please contact Christina Marron at GSL.

Candidates’ election statements can be found on our website, in the postal ballot pack and on CES’s voting portal. The closing date for all votes is 31 March 2021 at 11.59pm. Ballot forms must reach CES by this date (not the Society).

YEAR OF SPACE/ Year of Space Lecture Series - The Geology of Mercury

After a fantastic opening lecture from Professor Sara Russell on Our Solar System, join us for the next in the series with Professor Dave Rothery speaking on The Geology of Mercury.
  • Wednesday 3 March at 17.00 GMT
  • Virtual event
  • Free to attend. Register here

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION/ Virtual webinar: Creating inclusive fieldwork 

Fieldwork can be the highlight of working or studying in the Earth and environmental sciences. However, traditional field experiences can contain hidden barriers to participation for many people. In this panel discussion, Jacqueline Houghton, Chris Jackson, Michael Prior-Jones and Luisa Zuluaga will explore some of these barriers and demonstrate how addressing these challenges can lead to an improved experience for everyone.
  • 10 March 2021 at 16.00 GMT
  • Free event. Register here
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LIBRARY/ E-book of the Month – Logging the Chalk
Fellows can enjoy free access to 60+ e-books via the Library, including our e-book of the month - Rory Mortimore’s Logging the Chalk.

This book is based on the standard lithostratigraphy and method of engineering description of chalk developed over many years, enabling geologists to work from first principles to construct a lithostratigraphy and define weathering boundaries.

If you’ve yet to register for an OpenAthens account please download the registration form and return to the Library.

COVID-19 Library services

EVENTS/ Online CPD training ‘Geohazards: Problematic soils – peat’
  • Part of our series of geohazards online training lectures aimed at enhancing the continuing professional development of geologists
  • 3 March 2021 at 17:00 GMT
  • Speaker: Chris Eccles
  • Virtual via Zoom
  • Register here
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EVENTS/ A taste of our 2021 events calendar
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PUBLICATIONS/ Recently published 

Carboniferous crinoids
By William I. Ausich, Thomas W. Kammer and Georgy V. Mirantsev

During the Carboniferous, crinoids were commonly so abundant that their skeletal ossicles formed limestones termed encrinites. Major evolutionary changes occurred within the Camerata and Articuliformes, as the former were displaced by the latter as the dominant clade. Both the Mississippian and the Pennsylvanian subperiods started with high evolutionary rates. 

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NEWS/ IUGS Initiative on Forensic Geology celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Following on from Dr Laurance Donnelly's establishment of the GSL's Forensic Geoscience Group (2006-present) and the IUGS Working Group on Forensic Geology (2009-2011), he then established the IUGS Initiative on Forensic Geology at the 62nd IUGS Executive Committee meeting, UNESCO headquarters, Paris on 22 February 2011.

IUGS-IFG has globally supported the police and law enforcement by advancing crime scene examination, geological trace evidence analysis, searches for graves and buried items associated with homicide, serious and organised crime and counter terrorism. 
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These are virtual events and are open to all. 
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