Read all the latest news in Issue 399 of our fortnightly Society newsletter.
Geological Society newsletter - Issue 391
Monday 8 February 2021
Welcome to Issue 399 of the fortnightly Geological Society newsletter. 

  • Society: Update on Council elections and call out for donations for the Mary Anning Rocks Campaign
  • Library: Join our 'Mary Anning and the Men of Learning' online event
  • Education: Apply for the ZEISS-GSL scholarship and find out how marine geoscientists can help with the climate crisis
  • Events: Sign up for our next geohazards online CPD training lecture on 'Problematic soils'
  • Policy: Check out our new infographics which demonstrate how Earth science can help us achieve Net Zero
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SOCIETY/ Election to Council 2021-2022

Nominations for Council have closed and a preliminary ballot will now be conducted which will determine the candidates for the formal vote at the AGM on 25 June 2021.

Civica Election Services (CES), will once more administer this year’s Council ballot and will contact Fellows on or soon after 11 February 2021 with instructions on how to vote online. Fellows with no registered email address will be sent a postal ballot pack.

Closing date for all votes is 31 March 2021.
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SOCIETY/ Mary Anning Rocks Campaign

We are proud supporters of the Mary Anning Rocks Campaign which has one week left to meet its fundraising goal in order to raise a statue on the Jurassic Coast in Mary’s honour.

Please consider donating to the fundraiser by 12 February 2021 and give Mary the recognition she deserves.
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LIBRARY/ Online event: Mary Anning and the men of learning
  • 9 March 2021 at 6pm
  • Virtual event
  • Tickets £5 from Eventbrite

Join us for 'Mary Anning and the Men of Learning', an online talk by Tom Sharpe FGS, author of The Fossil Woman: A Life of Mary Anning.

This special event will look at Anning’s discoveries and their publication, her friends and her clients, and will also consider how well ‘the greatest fossilist’ was served by the geological community of the period and beyond. 
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EDUCATION/ Applications for ZEISS-GSL scholarship

Open to Earth Science PhD students who are Fellows of the Society, this fantastic scholarship is offered by GSL and Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd. Intended for use in innovative microscopy within Earth Science-related PhD projects, the scholarship is worth over £8000.

Applications remain open until 15 February 2021 at 12pm, so there's still time to apply.

Full details and an application form are available on our website
EDUCATION/ Live webinar: How you can help solve the climate and environmental crisis as a marine geoscientist
  • 24 February 2021
  • Aimed at students and their teachers
  • Virtual via Zoom and streamed live on YouTube
  • Registration free
  • Visit our website for further details
EVENTS/ Upcoming online CPD training: Problematic soils - swell/shrink soils
  • Part of our series of geohazards online training lectures aimed at enhancing the continuing professional development of geologists
  • 24 February 2021
  • Virtual via Zoom
  • See website for further details
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EVENTS/ A taste of our 2021 events calendar
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DIVERSITY & INCLUSION/ Participation in the Progression Framework

We are pleased to announce that we are taking part in this year’s Progression Framework benchmarking exercise. The Framework, developed in collaboration between the Science Council and the Royal Academy of Engineering, is a unique tool that helps professional bodies track and plan progress on D&I across key areas of activity. Learn more
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POLICY/ New infographics on Earth science and Net Zero

We are working to raise awareness of the ways that Earth science will help us achieve Net Zero. In collaboration with scientists and experts, we help decision makers understand the ways that geoscience can support the energy transition. Take a look at our infographics to find out more.
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PUBLICATIONS/ Latest release 

Pannotia to Pangaea: Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic Orogenic Cycles in the Circum-Atlantic Region
Edited by B. Murphy, R.A. Strachan, C. Quesada

Special Publication 503 celebrates the career of R. Damian Nance. It features 27 articles, with more than 110 authors based in 18 different countries.

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These are virtual events and are open to all. 

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