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VIRTUAL EVENT - GSL Public Lecture: ‘Reading the ground’ to reduce hazards and risks in engineering projects

03 December 2020
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Lecture, Virtual event
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Geological Society Events
Virtual event
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The landscape around us is a product of a long and complex geological and geomorphological history, which is recorded in the soils and rocks beneath our feet as well as by the landforms we see around us. This sometimes-hidden history can be revealed by learning to 'read the ground', and piecing together the clues to unravel that history and what we see before us.

But what is 'reading the ground', and why is it important for engineering projects? Using examples from around the world, Dr Andrew Hart of Atkins will describe how geoscientists use a combination of desk study information, the interpretation of available aerial photography and satellite imagery, and engineering geological and geomorphological field mapping to tease out those clues and 'read the ground' of a project area.

He will explore how learning to 'read the ground' and develop ground models for our project areas can open our eyes to the geological and geomorphological history of an area, and examine how this information can be used for engineering design and risk reduction.


This event will be virtual, with further information available soon. Registration is now open.

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Andrew Hart, Atkins’ Ground Engineering practice

Dr Andrew Hart is a Chief Engineering Geologist and Geomorphologist in Atkins’ Ground Engineering practice, based in the UK. Atkins is an international engineering and environmental design and management company.

Andrew has more than 20 years’ experience in assessing the impacts of ground conditions, geohazards and other geo-engineering constraints on a wide variety of infrastructure projects such as mountain roads, pipelines, railways and offshore wind farms, as well as for disaster risk reduction projects. His work has often meant working across large project areas, mostly overseas, while collaborating with other technical specialists, engineering design teams, client organisations and other stakeholders.


The lecture will start at 6.00pm GMT.


This lecture will be virtual via Zoom. Further information will be provided to attendees prior to the event.


Please email with any enquiries.

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