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Earth Science Week 2014

With over 400 Great Geosites on our nominations list, we thought we should make the most of the amazing geosites the UK and Ireland have to offer! And so, Geobingo was born...

How to play

Download a chart for the area you're visiting, and visit as many of the sites as possible.

Send us a selfie of yourself when you get there to enter - if you complete a line, vertically, horizontally or diagonally, we'll add you to our Earth Science Week prize draw!

The blank square can be used for any other geosite of your choice - from the 100 Great Geosites nominations, or another site you want to highlight.

Send us your photos

Email us at, tweet @geolsoc, or post to our Facebook page.

Remember, rocks aren't always as stable as they appear! Please take care when visiting sites, and seek specialist advice where appropriate. Field work codes and resources can be found here.