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William Smith Meeting 2014:
The Future of Sequence Stratigraphy: Evolution or Revolution?

22 - 23 September 2014
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Geological Society Events, William Smith Bicentenary
The Geological Society, Burlington House, London
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This meeting is intended to bring together a diverse range of sedimentary geologists to foster a critical examination of the current state of the sequence stratigraphic model, and to highlight robust new methods, concepts and protocols that could evolve or maybe even potentially revolutionize stratigraphic understanding and prediction.

Developments in this area seem likely to come from a combination of outcrop, geostatistical / stochastic approaches, physical experiments including large flume tank studies, and numerical approaches to the modelling of erosion-transport-depositional systems, all under the umbrella of the Landscape Into Rock concept. However, we will also encourage presentation of brand-new innovative methods, including cross-disciplinary methods that bring in ideas from other branches of science.

The meeting will be organized into a series of themed sessions, with an emphasis on provocative but practical presentations. Presentations will be scheduled to ensure there is plenty of time to debate all the issues raised in the meeting. In a final session, the conveners will chair a discussion targeted at achieving a consensus view on how the subject should move forward.

Conference Sessions:

  • Sequence Stratigraphy assumpions and methods
  • Sea level and Geodynamics
  • Multiple Controls
  • The impact of variable sediment flux
  • What next for sequence stratigraphy? Evolution or revolution?

Keynote Speakers

  • Ron Steel, University of Texas & University of Aberdeen: William Smith lecture: The Sequence Stratigraphy Revolution
  • Henry Posamentier, Chevron: How has Sequence Stratigraphy delivered on its promise? Insights from seismic data
  • Mike Gurnis, Caltech: Is there a stable reference frame for eustasy?
  • Tetsuji Muto, University of Nagasaki: The autostratigraphic view of non-uniqueness
  • Rob Gawthorpe, University of Bergen: A 'source-to-sink' perspective on Sequence Stratigraphy: Accommodation vs sediment supply as drivers of depositional sequences


  • Professor Peter Burgess (Royal Holloway University London)
  • Professor Philip Allen (Imperial College London)
  • Professor Paul Wright (PWGC ltd)


Registration will open at 8.30am on 22 September and the meeting will commence at 9.00am. The meeting is due to finish at approximately 6pm on 23 September. For full timings, please download a copy of the programme in the Downloads box. Please note that timings may be subject to change.


You can register either online or by downloading the PDF registration form from the 'Downloads box', and sending a completed copy to Naomi Newbold. To receive the Fellow rate, please ensure that you log in as a Fellow first. Please note that the registration fees do not include accommodation. Further information about how to book accommodation will be sent with your registration confirmation details.

William Smith Lecture

The 2014 William Smith lecture will be given by Ron Steel (University of Texas & University of Aberdeen) on 22 September at 6pm. If you have registered for the full meeting then this lecture is included, but it is also available to those who do not wish to attend the full meeting.  If you would like to attend just this lecture then there will be no registration fee, but places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please pre-register by emailing


William Smith Bicentenary

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